Bali will reopen to international visitors in 2022

All eyes have been on the government since the Coronavirus outbreak led Indonesia to close its borders in March 2020, waiting to see when (and how) the Bali gates will reopen to international travelers. Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism, kicked out a mass immunization program in Bali on March 22nd, 2021, with ambitions to reopen “Green Zones” to international tourists by 2022.

Bali will reopen to international visitors in 2022

The “Green Zones” of Bali: What We Know

Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism, has suggested a “travel corridor arrangement” with a number of nations, including China, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and others. He also launched a mass immunization campaign in the Gianyar Regency, with the goal of creating three “Green Zones” on the island of Bali. So far, Ubud, Sanur, and Nusa Dua have been recognized as “Green Zones.”

What is the strategy for Bali’s re-opening?

The first phase of the reopening

On July 9th, 2020, the first phase of reopening began, with the goal of restarting local businesses and commerce. Phase 1 allows local businesses, venues, and commerce to operate, according to the National Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19, including health services, restaurants, government offices, customs, local and traditional markets, transportation, agriculture, and places of worship, to name a few. Attractions for tourists, on the other hand, remained closed until Phase 2.

The third phase of the reopening

The proposal to reopen Bali to international tourism and overseas visitors is part of the third and last phase of the reopening. Phase 3 was supposed to start on September 11th, 2020, but it was postponed indefinitely due to developments with Covid-19.

The island, however, might reopen to tourists as early as 2022, thanks to fresh initiatives by Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism. Although precise specifics are still unknown, we do know that the three proposed “Green Zones” have successfully implemented a mass vaccination campaign in order to build an immunised society that is safe for vaccinated overseas tourists.

Don’t forget that previous reopening plans were pushed back

While we are ecstatic at the idea of Bali’s borders reopening, we must keep in mind that plans are subject to change. After all, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a possible reopening being delayed. Bali’s governor had hoped to launch international tourism in September 2020, but later stated that the current scenario in Indonesia is not yet suitable to foreign tourists visiting the country (including Bali). As a result, the Temporary Prohibition of Foreigners Entering the Republic of Indonesia’s Territory remained in place.

Most governments throughout the world, according to Koster, do not yet enable their residents to freely travel abroad, implying that Indonesia will follow suit. He noted that the Covid-19 pandemic is still active, and that reopening too soon might jeopardize Indonesian residents’ health and safety.

Best Destinations in Budapest For Cake Lovers

Cake is common food you can find everywhere. They come in different size, shape, flavor, and color. Every nation or region has their own version of cake representing their culture and tradition. There are also cakes made from invention and creative recipe. However, is it worth to travel around the world to find the best cakes? Well, it is possible for those who claim to love cake. One of the most recommended places to find the best cakes is Budapest, which is the capital city of Hungary, Europe.

Hungarian Strudel

Best locations to spot best cakes in Budapest

Travelling in Budapest allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature, classic architectures, and fine arts. However, Budapest is also a place where you can find the best cakes. Hungarian cakes are said to be influenced and infused by the local tradition and other European customs. And here are best cakes you can find in Budapest:

Kremes is a simple desert made up of layers of pastry completed with vanilla custard. The pastry is flaky and vanilla custard oozing out of it. For most people who tried this cakes said that it is a bit similar to Napoleon cake. However, this cake only consists of one layer and one filling. Coffee is best companion for this cake. Recommended place to eat this cake is at Hauer Cukraszda. 

Hungarian Strudel is a must try cake in Budapest. Lots of people associate strudel with Austria but you can also try Hungarian version in Budapest. There are three types of Hungarian Strudel you can try. They are apricot, poppy seeds, and Quark. Hungarian call Strudel as Reteges. This strudel doesn’t need companion. You can enjoy it cold without whipped cream or custard. Best place to find Hungarian Strudel is at Retesbolt Anno 1926.

Flodni is a classic delicacy for Jewish community. It is actually a classic Hungarian Jewish cake made up of five layered pastry with rich fillings consisted of apple, poppy seeds, walnut, and plum jam. It is said that every layer in Flodni has symbolic meaning to it. This cake is often served and enjoyed during Jewish festival of Purim. Highly recommended place to eat this sweet delight is at Cafe Noe. 

Esterhazy is highly recommended Hungarian cake, named for a famous noble family. This cake is made up of layer consisted of walnut infused buttercream and chocolate. It is also adorned with a fondant glaze. The taste and color is basically varied. This cake is filled with whipped cream and fondant. One of the most recommended places to enjoy this cake is at Cafe Gerbeaud. 

Rigo Jancsi is Hungarian cake named for Rigo Jancsi, a Romani violinist. There is a tragic, romantic story behind. However, you can focus on the romantic side of the story when enjoying this sweet cake. To describe Rigo Jancsi, it is a perfect combination of soft chocolate sponge, velvety chocolate mousse, and sweet apricot jam. Highly recommended place to eat this delight is at Hauer Cukraszda, a grand cafe in Budapest flocked by many visitors on daily basis. 

Bali Villas, Accommodation For Smart Travelers

Bali is the world’s top destination with extraordinary views and beauty. Tourists from far away are willing to visit to spend their vacation and have a spectacular experience. Bali is an island full of culture and tradition and Bali villas that offer super special facilities and services. Even though Bali is now considered an expensive destination, it’s worth what you enjoy. The fact is that accommodation providers continue to improve to meet the needs of increasingly discerning travelers.

Bali villas with a private pool for smart travelers

Bali villas, The Various Types You Can Consider

There are many types of tourists, from those who don’t care about how or where they live. There are tourists who take precautions by choosing the best type of accommodation while on vacation with family. There are also honeymoon couples who choose Bali villas that offer privacy, facilities, and premium services. For important guests such as government officials, business people or ex-pats choose the villa to stay either short term or long term. Why is Bali villas a smart traveler accommodation?

Cheaper than a hotel

Who has never felt a stay at a hotel? Most travelers who are first to Bali will ask “where to stay?”. The easiest choice is to find a five-star hotel with all the best amenities and luxury. Some say experience is the best teacher. Walking around the area of ​​Bali, you will find many villas with facilities and services that are not inferior to five-star hotels. You will find a different atmosphere when entering the villa.

Price? If you intend a long vacation, then the villa will be much cheaper with the hotel. Especially when you go away for a long time with your family. Internet connection facilities, private swimming pool, living room, and semi-outdoor dining room provide a pleasant experience. Bali villas are accommodation for savvy travelers who enjoy a vacation with an affordable budget. The second time you come to Bali, you must be smarter in choosing accommodation with special facilities and services.

Freedom to enjoy Bali villas and surroundings

Location is important. First of all, what is your vacation destination? Want to enjoy a quiet vacation? Enjoy the view of rice fields? Or try water activities? Each area of Bali offers different activities and experiences. Bali villas in the Seminyak area, you can easily reach the beach, a row of boutiques, bars, clubs or restaurants of international standard. It’s easy to find a villa in the Seminyak area considering it’s a popular destination in Bali. You can also get important lessons on how local Balinese people adhere to their customs and culture. Well, now are you a smart traveler? Bali villas bring fun and amazing experiences for discerning travelers. Don’t choose the wrong accommodation to prevent your vacation from becoming a nightmare.

Living vs. Travelling in Bali

Some travellers like one place so much that they always come back and want to stay there. Some would even try to find a job there.

Bali has become one of world’s most popular travel destination since decades. The island is the perfect place for everyone. It offers so many attractions and things to do. The combination of warm temperature and fresh air will make you want to stay forever in Bali.

The good people, natural scenes, spritual atmosphere and freedom are the things that Bali has to offer. In Bali you can do almost all the fine things you may not find in any other places.

Thinking about going to Bali for vacation and for living is yet two different things. There are several things you should consider before moving yourself to Bali.

Working vs. Holidaying

The most distinguishing thing between working and holidaying in Bali is your visa, if you are a foreigner. Eventhough it is not difficult to get a working visa in Indonesia, you must always keep in mind that not all the employers in Bali will provide that for you. So, you have to manage that by yourself.

As a tourist in Bali you must have seen how the locals live and do for a living. As the main source of income in Bali are tourism and agriculture, you can imagine what kind of jobs that are available in Bali. Eventhough the amount is much smaller, other job opportunities are also available in Bali. Today, the creative industries are rising and expanding. They are mostly still relating to tourism business.

Time Management

The ambience of living and travelling in Bali is quite distinct. It is not that you cannot enjoy in the beaches anymore. You just have to decrease your intensity of going there since you have the responsibility to work.

When you are living and working in Bali, the biggest distraction will come from your family and friends. Whenever they come to Bali on holiday, they will definately look for you and ask you to go out. Unfortunately, you are in Bali for working, not holidaying. You will not have as much time as they do. Most of the time you will dismiss their invitation to hang out.

Living Cost

The living cost in Bali is not expensive at all. With a unique architecture and comfortable facilities, almost all the accomodation in Bali is affordable. But, since the wage in Bali is lower than in other big cities in Indonesia, you will think twice to get those cozy rooms or apartments. In addition, you cannot resist to save some of your salary to enjoy an after work beer at the beach, yoga class, weekend trips around Bali, and many more interesting activities to do.

In Bali you can find all kind of cuisines from all over the world. The price ranges from ten tousand rupiahs for one portion of local meal in Indonesian warung to hundreds rupiahs for fine cuisine at a restaurant.

Revealing the Uniqueness of Mexico

Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations and has fantastic panoramas. This one country not only has one type of tourism but various tours to be explored.


Cenote Ik Kil

One of them is the Cenote Ik Kil, a giant well Mayan relic in Mexico. This place is believed to be the gateway to the hereafter and is now a beautiful pond and one of the popular tourist destinations in Mexico.

In fact, the Maya tribe has always been an interesting conversation. The unique prediction or pyramid shape is the main attraction to see the remnants of its civilization in Mexico. Cenote Ik Kil is located not so from Chichen Itza or known as the Mayan pyramid in Valladolid, Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.

Cenote means a well, and the water surface of Cenote Ik Ki is about 25 meters above ground level. Has a diameter of 60 meters and a depth of 35 meters. The Ik Ki Cenote is actually a source of fresh water in the land where the Mayans used to perform rituals there. They threw sacrifices or various treasures into Ki Cenote Ik as a form of gratitude to the gods.

Tollan City

Known as the city of Tollan, it is one of the popular tourist destinations. It is said that, in the city of Tollan, there were many shreds of evidence of the lost heritage of the Atlanteans. What can we see in the city of Tollan? We can see Atlantean statues which also serve as evidence that Tula was part of one of the largest civilization places in Mexico in ancient times.

The ruins of the ancient Tollan city that are still left at this time are castles, fields, and 3 fields which form cut pyramids. Tourists can also see a 4.6 m tall statue in a column-shaped like a human figure called the Antlatean or Los Antlatis


Oaxaca not only offers amazing views but also the uniqueness of Mexico with its culture and traditions. In Oaxaca people of Spanish and Indian blood have coexisted. Uniquely, Oaxaca has not been touched by modernity and development like in a big city. The Guelaguetza Festival is held every year and falls in July which shows many local dances, costumes, and music. Don’t forget to enjoy the unique cuisine and crafts of Oaxaca.

There are many more interesting tourist destinations in Mexico, you can visit the White City of Yucatan, the historical center of the city of Mexico, Barranca del Cobre, and the coast of Baja. One of the most recommended activities is swimming and snorkeling at the famous El Arco de Cabo San Lucas site where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean

Villa Ubud Bali, the Perfect Place to Get Away

Who does not agree that Bali is a domestic or international tourist destination?  Everyone would agree! The island of Bali not only has beautiful and amazing beaches but also green fields of rice fields that soothe the eyes. If you want to cool the eyes, then Ubud is a mandatory destination for you to visit. Finding lodging in Ubud is not as difficult as you think. If you think Ubud is still underdeveloped, then you are wrong. There are many choices of villa Ubud Bali with exceptional facilities and services.

Ubud Villa Bali

Although Bali is known as the best place for nightlife, there is another side of this exotic island to escape from the crowds. Ubud villas are a destination for tourists to relax and calm down. In fact, the most important part of the holiday is where we live. Some people boast of the beauty of Ubud, but actually, Ubud is more than that. There are different nuances and make yourself find inner peace.

Self Calm With Yoga and Meditation At Villa Ubud Bali

Yoga and meditation are very popular and even some Ubud villas use the opportunity to hold yoga events at least 3 times a week. When looking at the condition of Ubud, it is very appropriate to do yoga with clean air that is very clean and fresh. Experiencing yoga at the villa Ubud Bali where you stay might give you a different experience and sensation.

Why is Villa Ubud Bali so popular with foreign tourists? The reason is that domestic tourists consider that Ubud is an exclusive area where foreign tourists stay, where the correlation is that villa prices will be very high. If you don’t feel at home for a long time in Ubud, maybe the solution is, you can go back to other tourist destinations in Bali and feel that staying at Ubud Bali villas is a much sought-after serenity, especially for those who live in metropolitan cities.

Meditation is another activity besides yoga. Anyone can and is invited to meditate and not be limited to a particular religion. The purpose of meditation is to get closer to the creator. With a cool and calm atmosphere, meditation will be perfect if you do it in Ubud.

Villa Ubud Bali is a perfect place to stay when you need peace of mind and stay away from the boredom of the city. When fatigue for work, yoga, and meditation in Ubud is the perfect and best solution to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

The Best Services from Bali Luxury Villas

Choosing the right villa in Bali can be challenging. It is not because it is rare to find villa but so many good villas you need to select. However, you can make it easier with Bali Luxury Villas or BLV where experienced and experts work to give you various options of villas to choose. However, BLV only manage villa in luxury categories. You may have known that luxury villa has different standard from the regular one. Luxury villas are also available from upgrades but you will be additionally charged for premium. There are various aspects in which you should choose the right villa. One of the most important aspects is the service.

Bali Luxury Villas

Services offered by villas featured at Bali Luxury Villas

Choosing between the best and the right villa can be tricky. However, it is more recommended to choose villa that fits your need. The best villa could be those offering high-end amenities with the latest appliances. However, what if the location is not ideal for you or your family? Thus, you need to take every important aspect of your ideal vacation in finding the right villa for your holiday in Bali. Speaking of services, these are service you will get by booking one of villas featured in Bali Luxury Villas management:

  • Villa selection advice is available to provide you more information about certain villa you really want. You see, each guest has different preference. Thus, they want different villa to stay at. However, BLV and the team has information about villas based on locations, rates, as well as amenities that you might prefer more.
  • Aside from information about villa selection BLV team also provide information about Indonesia visa as well as health requirements. Thus, you will be able to travel around Bali safely and comfortably. If you need VIP arrival service, you can request it. Thus, you will experience fast tracking through immigration and customs. With this, you will also receive airport transfer.
  • Once you arrive at destined villa, you will be greeted and welcomed by charming, friendly staffs. And of course, you will receive welcome drinks as well.
  • Each villa featured in BLV has in-house staffs which has different role include private chef, butler, manager, etc. daily maid is designed to tend to your need such as house-cleaning, grocery shopping and daily laundry. You also don’t need to worry about nightly turn down.
  • Each villa is also equipped with high-end facilities such as bedroom with high quality bed, ensuite bathrooms, modern kitchens, etc. every villa is usually various types of pools. There are regular swimming pool, infinity edge pool, etc. you can also reserve a villa with Jacuzzi or special facility for barbeque party. Each villa also has luscious garden equipped with various flowers and plants.
  • Other services include meal service, full concierge service, villa security guards, internet access,  etc. some premium villas also offers special service include in-house movie theater, 24-hour butler service, yoga pavilion, etc. with Bali Luxury Villas you can book the best villa that really fits your personal preference.

Why You Should Consider Tree Friendly Straps for Your Hammock Camping

Hammock camping largely depended upon trees. It should come as a no-brainer that we need to take care of them. Or at least, don’t harm them. Should you choose a tree-friendly strap the next time you go hammocking?

Hammock camping: cultivating awareness for the environment

Beyond their functions and benefits, tree-friendly straps are the product of campers’ raising awareness of the impacts that humans can and have caused to the environment. For an activity that is centered on nature and is all about nature, it’s crucial for hammock camping to prioritize preserving the environment while being able to enjoy it at the same time.

Making the hammock camping community more accessible to more people

There are numerous people who are convinced that hammock camping causes damage to the environment. Some city parks banned the use of hammocks in their area. This is caused by the perceived harm hammocks cause to the trees. This notion is obviously something greatly deter people from getting to know hammock and experiencing them themselves. The existence of tree-friendly straps, however, is something that many people find can rely on. The advocation of tree-friendly straps itself makes the activity accessible to more people.

Tree straps are so much easier to set up compared to the conventional ropes

A suspension system makes things so much simpler for hanging a hammock. Straps are also quite versatile when it comes to length or tree distance. For hammock ropes, you need to choose the correct type of ropes. Don’t pick the materials that are obviously going to harm trees. Materials such as plastics, for example. Chose ropes with natural fibers instead. With tree-friendly straps, you won’t have to worry about this issue. The eco-friendly strap itself is wider than the regular tree strap so it puts less concentrated pressure to only a narrow area of the tree trunk. The materials used are also eco-friendly, safe for the environment. You don’t have to deal with knots anymore. If you’re one of those people who are not knot-savvy, then tree straps are the way to go.

Eco-friendly tree straps reduce damage to the tree barks

Damages to the tree barks are caused by girdling and prolonged frictions to the surface of the tree. This causes damage either in short or long-term. The damages can be immediate or it could be the cause of cumulative damage overtime by hanging hammocks irresponsibly.

The tree has a layer of cambium that produces new cells, and the cambium layer is very thin. This layer is extremely crucial to distributing nutrients to the whole body of the tree. When the cambium is damaged, the tree’s health is compromised and it could eventually lead to tree death.

Lookout for other potential environmental damage you may cause

Aside from choosing the option with the least potential damage to the environment, there are obviously other things that you need to be aware of. Some of them include disposing of the human waste responsibly, storing your belongings, as well as where to stay when hammocking. Avoid places near the water. Stay around 70 meters from the body of water to prevent damaging the unique vegetation around the area.

Petitenget Restaurant Seminyak, Window of the Outstanding Culinary Experience

Vacation to Bali and see a review of culinary lists, so restaurants in the Petitenget area are a must visit. Rows of Petitenget restaurants starting from Biku, Fat Turtle, or even fancy dining in hotel restaurants have become a trend and lifestyle. When else do you enjoy fancy food from international chefs?

Petitenget Restaurant Seminyak

Petitenget restaurant Seminyak is not just a place to eat but offers incredible views. The design, theme, and atmosphere of each restaurant are very interesting, especially for social media users.

Your appetite will always be spoiled in some international standard luxury accommodations. This is included in the benefits of staying in the best accommodation where you will be served with international food throughout the day.

Luxury Cuisine All Day At Petitenget Restaurant Seminyak

No matter whether your stomach sounds morning, afternoon or evening, Petitenget restaurant Seminyak always provides the best for you. From local, western, Chinese, to Japanese dishes, presented and can be adjusted to your liking. Trying all the food from Petitenget restaurant Seminyak is also a list of culinary delights.

Bali is everything you expect when on vacation. Whether Petitenget restaurant Seminyak is local or international, all offer their own delights. In fact, many foreign investors are seeing opportunities for culinary progress in Bali. Without a doubt, they bring the taste of various countries to just spoil the tongue of the tourists.

Kanvaz resorts are one that offers a different and extraordinary culinary experience. Is it breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner always full of surprises and stimulates appetite. Creative snacks from experienced chefs enhance your culinary experience.

Several another Petitenget restaurant Seminyak which are also visited by tourists can be included in the culinary list. Biku, Mamasan, Sea Vu Play, La Brisa, and many other instagramables. This is a form of expatriates from various countries with many cultures that contribute to forming the hospitality industry in Bali very nicely.

The petitenget restaurant has become part of the prestigious and international cuisine of Bali. A restaurant with views of rice fields, swimming pools, and even the beach is always a favorite. Each Petitenget restaurant Seminyak carries the concept of culinary offerings that are able to provide the highest satisfaction for visitors. Enjoying a luxurious dish is a natural experience and you can share it with friends or family. Petitenget restaurant Seminyak makes your meal eager to be served by friendly local staff. Discover extraordinary culinary experiences at Petitenget restaurant Seminyak.

Enjoy the Most of Your Family Trip in Singapore

Singapore might be tiny but it doesn’t make you less thrill to enjoy your family trip there. Singapore can be considered as one of the most family-friendly travel destinations in the world because it provides everything you need for a perfect family getaway. Family-friendly attractions in Singapore are not only interesting but only full of cultural and educational value. Thus, having a vacation to Singapore with your families won’t be far from boring. Aside from it, Singapore also provides comfortable and safe environment for families. Accommodation, transport, and foods are something you and your families should not be worried about.

Make the most of your family time in Singapore

Family getaway in Singapore is a great idea because your families especially your kids will have the best adventure. There are many places to visit which are not only fun but also safe. So here are some recommendation how to enjoy the most of your family time in Singapore:

  • The must-visit place for family getaway in Singapore is of course Singapore Zoo. This is where you will be able to see the wildlife of Southeast Asia. This is home to over 3,000 animals. This zoo is built on a 28-hectare park with various rare animals including Orangutan, Malayan Tiger, Sun Bears, and many more. Of course, there are also kids’ favorites such as giraffes, polar bears, and hamadryads baboons, elephants, etc. This zoo has open concept in which visitors can see clearly animals on their comfort zone. There are also feeding sessions so you and your kids which is going to be fun for your kids.
  • Foods cannot be separated from a trip especially when it comes to a trip in Singapore where you can find various delicious foods to enjoy. Singapore might be considered as expensive city but you still can eat out with your families in more affordable spots during your trip. One of the most recommended places to eat out is Hawker Center. It is family-friendly food courts with open concept. It serves various dishes and Asian dishes are the highlight. Most importantly, the price is relatively cheap. You can even buy big meals with $5.
  • Tour kids must have loved futuristic things. Thus, you should visit Gardens by The Bay where you and your families can find a unique plant-based greenhouse. This place is also home to endangered plants. There is also walkways which can give you a little bit more thrill and adventure. There are play areas specifically for kids of age 2 to 12. In the middle of this place, there is a beautiful fountain area for relaxing.
  • Universal Studio in Singapore is the second in the world. Thus, it is such a waste if you visit Singapore without planning to visit this popular spot especially for kids. Around the park, there’s seven movie-themed zones to visit. This place is not only fun for kids but also for adults and even elderly. Other attractions are also available outside the Park you and families can enjoy.