How Much Scuba Diving For Beginners Cost?

Scuba diving is the best way to provide adventure in life. Curiosity is what makes many people want to try diving. Various information on underwater beauty has built up a sense of desire to dive. In fact, many beginner divers then pursue the world of diving to the professional level. Scuba diving for beginners is the only way to reach the dream of seeing a different world.

scuba diving for beginners

Visiting diving destinations, there will be many packages for scuba diving for beginners. Maybe there are some people who pursue diving as a hobby or pleasure. Want to enjoy fun, you must obey the simple rules about scuba diving.

Scuba diving for beginners is not only limited to certain groups. Children, women can also take part in diving activities. As long as potential divers are declared healthy, then they can dive at any time. Therefore, one of the conditions for scuba diving for beginners is to be physically and mentally healthy. Then what is the cost of training for scuba diving for beginners?

Scuba diving For Beginners – Open Water Divers Cost

This is the beginning of scuba diving training for beginners. It takes 4-5 days to complete the initial stage. Training will be provided starting from 3 chapters about dive theory, 3 modules of practice in confined water skills, 2 dives in open water with a maximum depth of 12 meters. At least the age of participants is at least 10 years old, can swim, and be healthy. The cost you have to spend is around $ 300 – $ 400.

Advanced Divers – Scuba diving for beginners

This is an advanced level of scuba diving for beginners. It would be very possible if a beginner continued training to a higher level. If you are not satisfied with the underwater scenery at a depth of 12 meters, then you must take advance divers training. At the advanced divers level, you can dive at a depth of 18-30 meters. If you have a lot of time off do both while holidays.

Open water and advanced divers are two levels of scuba diving for beginners that you need to take to be able to explore the underwater at a depth of 12-30 meters. If diving is your passion, then you can take a higher level of scuba diving training. The costs required for each level will vary. For this reason, it is better if you are looking for information about the cost of diving training, from scuba diving to beginners to professional levels.

Best Glamping Sites in Bali worth Travelling For

Glamping or glamorous camping is when you can experience the closeness to nature under luxurious circumstance. Instead of humble tent, you can have all camping facilities to the next level. Facilities you have for glamping are glamorous just like what you have when you book a room in luxury hotel. Glamping in Bali is good idea because there are sites worth travelling for. Besides, Bali is the island of Gods so it is not a secret that it offers every kind of beauty you can enjoy to the max. Glamping in Bali will give new experience that is hard to forget.

Best Glamping Sites in Bali worth Travelling for

Glamping sites in Bali you should try


Camping is great activity to bond with your family or group of friends. You can do it with your significant others and spark your romance. However, it is also worth it to have glamping at least once in your lifetime because it is different from the usual camping. Glamping is not new and lots of people have tried this and feel the sensation. There are various sites for glamping with unique features and service. However, Bali is also recommended if you want to glamping. Here are recommended sites for you:

  • Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort – This glamping site is nestled in Jatiluwuh, a UNESCO heritage. Located in central Bali, it is not hard to reach this place. Glamping in this site, you have privilege to enjoy 360 degree view of the rainforest. You will sleep in cozy bedroom overlooking directly to the jungle. It is equipped with modern bathroom. There is also fireplace in your tent. You will be served high quality foods. The tent has no door to avoid mosquito entering. Aside from being cozy in the tent, you can also take some fun activities around.
  • Sandat Glamping Tents – This glamping site is situated in the middle of rice fields in Ubud. There are five safari-style tents you can book. Each tent has infinity-edge plunge pool so you can relax while overlooking the rice paddies and forest. The interior design is well crafted by Italian designer to create camping atmosphere with luxurious vibes. Glamping in this site, you will receive various facilities and services such as free Wi Fi, in-room dining, and many more.
  • Escape Nomade – This is where you can enjoy the real wilderness coated with comfortable amenities. In this glamping site, you will enjoy sleeping on luxurious bed and relaxing in a private Jacuzzi. Located in Canggu, Escape Nomade features tents set atop a rooftop overlooking rice paddies.
  • Menjangan Dynasty Resort – This glamping site is surrounded by the lush jungle and mangrove. The location is quite secluded so you won’t be bothered by crowds or bustles. While in the middle of the nature, you will be provided with high standard of tents. Beachfront tents are equipped with everything you need. You can just step out your tent go snorkeling anytime. One of the villas has private plunge pool for you to soak in during lazy days.


Will Komodo Cruise Trip Still Possible Despite of Komodo Closing

Sailing trip with Komodo cruise is currently rising as one of the brightest belle of Indonesian tourism, but now it’s in the brink of a serious challenge. Following the concern of East Nusa Tenggara government of Komodo’s shrinking of size, there has been heating talks about Komodo National Park’ temporary one-year shutdown by 2020. The local government was proposing plans to revitalise the habitat of Komodo dragons, the last and only on earth, to Indonesian’s Ministry of Tourism. They see urgency in restoring the population of deers and other wild animals that the Komodo’s feed on, which apparently showing sign of declining in number in recent past year. Restoration of Komodo’s main source of food is vital as scarcity of prey could trigger Komodo’s cannibalism instinct—and this would directly lead to Komodo’s extinction. The temporary shutdown decision was made jointly by the East Nusa Tenggara government and Ministry of Environment and Forestry—the ministry who hold the authority over all Indonesia’s national park—whom they would share management duties of the upcoming restoration.

But this discourse is not without controversy. The Ministry of Tourism wasn’t particularly delighted by the proposal, calling the entire shutdown plan as a nonsense. Tour operators who run liveaboard and cruise trips voices their disappointment for not being invited for opinions and thought sharing. If Komodo is close for the entire year, what would happened to Komodo cruise trips?

Will Komodo Cruise Trip Still Possible Despite of Komodo Closing?

Komodo Cruise Trop Alternative If Komodo is Closed

Apparently, tour operators and tourists alike can breathe as Komodo cruise trips would be possible to do despite the Komodo shutdown. After hearing controversies, the local government agreed to narrowed down the plan to just close one island; the Komodo island, main home of the dragons.

That means the other 171 islands are still free to venture. You are still able to go around the national park by Komodo cruise (or other boats), embark on wildlife exploration, and generally enjoy the sailing trip. Mind you, the park has a lot to offer beside the famous dragons. You can still taste the total remoteness,

Hiking in Komodo’s Outstanding Trio

Padar Island, Gili Lawa, and Kelor Island are three of travelers most favorite destinations. These islands—particularly Padar—offers the most breathtaking bird view sceneries you can get in Komodo. They are the places where you can get those famous 360º panoramic view featuring curved bays, lines of radiant beaches, and vast blue sea extending to the horizon.

Dive and Snorkel

Despite the Komodo island’s temporary closing plan, any Komodo cruise would still able to take you sailing across the beautiful Flores sea and enjoy the passing sceneries. And the good news is, the ocean is still open for travelers. Snorkelling and diving—another main highlight beside the Komodo—will still be widely available for divers and marine explorers alike.

Wildlife Exploration

Komodo is not the only wild creature in the park. When docking to Komodo island is becoming unaccessible, you can still sail near Kalong islands, home of the giants bats, which offers extravagant shows every evening. A Planet Earth lookalike show featuring red blood sky and thousands giants bats blasting from the island, filling up the sky. 

The temporary closing of Komodo island doesn’t also mean that you have to give up the dream of seeing the last dragon on earth entirely. The East Nusa Tenggara tourism noted that visitors still have a chance to encounter the Komodo dragons in other island within the national park. Rinca, the second largest island in the park after Komodo—and the second natural habitat of the dragons—would not be included on the plans, and would still open its gate to visitors.

Why Travel to a Winter Destination

As winter approaches and the air is getting more chilly, our minds wander to the faraway warm summer breeze. But rather than traveling in search of sun, winter is enjoyable in itself.

Appreciating winter: The mindset of “escaping winter”

Tropical destinations that are almost always sure to be sunny despite being in a rainy season are popular. People flock to such destinations. The thought of the sun that is so far away is tempting. Even though some people do complain about the scorching sun during the summer months. But escaping winter isn’t always practical to many people. Some just can’t afford to spend a great deal amount of money going to faraway places. Besides, tropical destinations are often so overrated anyway. Think of something different this winter.

Finding calm

Winter is the time to rest. Everything around us is hibernating. The trees and animals are all taking a break. It’s also been noted that a lot of people’s energy levels are the lowest during the winter months. Calm and peace don’t exist only in the so-called paradise islands with pristine white beaches. You don’t need to find places with the year-long sun. Planning to go to Bali next winter? You may want to rethink your plan. Tropical destinations’ airfares are more expensive than ever during the winter.

Winter destinations are less crowded

With so many people planning their winter vacation to a faraway tropical climate in search of sun, a lot of people leave the winter areas. People are looking to get away from the unbearable cold. But winter is truly the time to unwind in calmer, less crowded areas.

Consider your activities

Mountain climbing, ice-skating, skiing, and many other winter activities are a great way to spend your time. Vacationing to winter destinations are one of the best ways to enjoy the most of the winter.

But you don’t need to go skiing or doing any winter sports in order to enjoy the winter. Winter is often the perfect time to just… relax! And get plenty of much-needed sleep. But that does not mean you have to be an outcast and just spend the day at home. Unless you have a pretty solid reason to do it.

If you don’t have any means of traveling to a faraway winter destination, then traveling around your own neighborhood is a solid option. Consider spending some time in that coffee shop you’ve been wanting to check out. Bring your favorite books when you’re going out. Simply relax and enjoy the ambience.

Winter destination suggestions

There are quite a number of beautiful spots if you’re serious about experiencing winter. And these places are often very cheap depending on when you’re going and where you’re from. Check out Stockholm Sweden to see the Northern Lights. Enjoy the Venice of Scandinavia and simply bask in the surrounding city area. Suburbs are the best place to enjoy the Northern lights but they can be seen in the city too. Other places include the Sun Valley in Idaho, Whitefish in Montana, Lake Tahoe California that is gorgeous not just in winter and many more.

Adrenalin Sports Bar Seminyak, A Place To Enjoy Your Favorite Games

What do you do when you enjoy the night in Bali? Bali is not only popular with culture, tradition, and art that has been handed down since centuries ago. The green scenery of rice fields, beautiful beaches, mountainous nature, the charm of the underwater and the surf of the surf becomes a charm for travelers. The life of Bali at night looks very different during the day. It’s time for travelers to enjoy nightlife all night long. No matter what day, club or sports bar Bali is always ready to accompany your night.

Adrenalin Sports Bar Seminyak

Seminyak is an area that is more relaxed, crowded, and more sophisticated than other areas. Previously, Kuta was one of the many visited by European expats. At present Kuta is carrying more electric noise and lively bars. The popularity of Seminyak is not just talking. Seminyak has developed a metropolis area where you can find everything in one container. Starred restaurants, sports bar Seminyak or other famous nightlife bring many travelers to love Seminyak more.

Feel The Moments  In Adrenalin Sports Bar Seminyak

Feel the adrenalin sports bar Seminyak is probably your best experience while in Bali. Many bars that don’t let you miss various world gaming events. Towards night, the more you can feel the adrenalin sports bar Seminyak accompanied by cheers from the visitors. The super large screen and projector have been prepared to pamper everyone, no matter whether you are a traveler or an expat without having to be left behind by your favorite sporting event.

Some bars feature Australian live tennis to pamper expats and travelers from Australia. Live music will be presented before you enjoy and feel the adrenalin sports bar Seminyak. Beer and snacks will always accompany your night.

Dinner is available before you enjoy your game at stadium bar Bali. A menu of Italian, European, Japanese or local delicacies is available to pamper your tongue. The staff has been trained and experienced ready to serve customers quickly and friendly when you enjoy the adrenalin of sports bars Seminyak. No matter where you enjoy your favorite sporting event, each of the adrenalin sports bars Seminyak brings a festive atmosphere every night.

One that you can visit is strategically located on Petitenget Street, Kerobokan Kelod, Sea Vu Play. Not only enjoy the adrenalin sports bar Seminyak, but also open and friendly for gay people. Why go to another place if you can enjoy everything in one place?

Preparations Before Taking Red Eye Flight

Travelers find it advantageous to book red eye flight. Of course, this is a matter of choice and not everyone is keen to this kind of flight. In travel world, the term red flight has been familiar enough. For those who want to arrive early in the morning at their destination, choosing red eye flight is the right solution. This is also how they can rest and be ready for the day they are going to face when they land on their destination without the need to take another rest or stop. However, it can also be stressful because then your body needs to adjust well.

Preparations you need when you take red eye flight

Red eye flight sounds stressful because you have to fly in the middle of ‘god-knows what’ o’clock. During this flight, the surrounding tends to be more peaceful and quite. Some travelers find it comforting and some other find it too eerie. For those who are used to the buzz of busy airport and airplane, red eye flight can be distressing. However, the benefits of taking red eye flight seem to be more appealing even with the hassle within. So here are things you should prepare if you are going to take red eye flight so that you can fly and travel with less hassle:

  • It is best for you to maintain your routine. Instead of taking a nap before taking your flight, it is better to rest and sleep during your flight. Thus, you will be more prepared and ready for your trip once you arrive. If you take a nap before flight, you will have difficulties to rest. As the result, you will be more restless during your journey. Your body will be struggled to adjust with the situation.
  • Bring anything that can make you feel more comfortable for your flight. It is also highly recommended to wear comfortable clothing so that you can rest easier during your flight. If you wear clothing which is too tight, it will only make you suffer. Your body will also suffer from poor blood circulation. If you tend to get cold easily, you can bring your own blanket, scarfs or socks. Those will keep you warm and sleep comfortably.
  • It is more recommended to choose window seat because then you don’t get disturbed easily from other passenger who wants to go to toilet or something. Choosing the right set is important because you need to be comfortable throughout your flight.
  • It is also recommended to book a flight closer to your sleeping time. It will minimize the chance of having difficulty to sleep. When you arrive at your seat, you will be ready to sleep any minute. Thus, your flight will be less hassle.
  • It is also important to eat the right food before or during your flight. Avoid junk foods as well as spicy foods because these can make you suffer from excessive gas producing and bloating. You can eat light meal before your flight or eat snack during your flight to avoid starvation.

What To Expect While Diving In Tulamben Bali?

Bali diving spots are increasingly crazy about world divers. No matter you are beginner or professional, there are always amazing diving spots in Bali. Bali is not only famous as a shore of cool beaches for various activities. You can enjoy sunset, sunrise, snorkeling, surfing or diving. When it comes to the desire to dive in Bali, you will be taken to many choices. Tulamben diving is a perfect spot equipped with Balinese hospitality, sunny weather and sea protection which was later intensified. All of them make Bali a diving destination that is sought after by world divers.

diving in tulamben bali

Diving in Tulamben Bali takes you along the trail of the Liberty shipwreck which is currently home to underwater species. Tulamben is one of the world’s top 15 diving destinations. Before diving, there are a number of things you need to know for the best diving.

Where To Say While Diving In Tulamben Bali?

Determining the purpose of your vacation in Bali is important. Plan the number of people who will go diving first. Determine how many days you will dive, whether following the dive package or solo diving. After determining everything, then you can determine the location of accommodation during the dive. If you decide to take a diving package in Tulamben Bali, then the dive operator will pick up and deliver wherever you stay.

Diving in Tulamben Bali For Beginners

Not all dive spots in Bali can be explored for beginners. Diving Tulamben Bali is one that can be explored by beginner divers. The USAT Liberty shipwreck tip is only 5 meters below the water and the rest sinks at a depth of 30 meters. The meaning is that diving in Tulamben Bali is perfect for divers of all levels.

Wheater and Seasons in Bali

Wherever you go to dive, it’s important to know the weather and season conditions. Finding information about wheater and seasons is important. Mistakes in seeing the weather and season will make your trip futile. You don’t need to worry if you want to dive in Bali. The weather in Bali strongly supports all levels of divers, beginners or professionals to dive throughout the year.

But you need to know the changing seasons in Bali. Along the west, north, and east there is 15 cm of rain/year. For the dry season, it lasts 8 months or more. Don’t try diving in the northwest during the rainy season because it will be dangerous. Diving is safe throughout the rainy season, diving in Tulamben is the right one. You will be spoiled a lot of open space there.

Peaceful Travelling to Hidden Beaches in Malang Indonesia

Indonesia is maritime country so it is easy to spot beaches. You may have been familiar with Bali Island where there are many beautiful beaches to find. However, Bali is not the only place you can go to when travelling to Indonesia. You can also choose Malang as your next travel destination. This is where you can visit hidden beaches which are truly beautiful and mesmerizing. Having a peaceful vacation to hidden and secluded beaches is a great healing therapy for you to get the stress away. The moment is valuable for you to regain your energy and positive mind. Being close to the nature, especially the places which are not that often to be touched by human is good for your mind, body, and soul.

Find out hidden beaches in Malang Indonesia for your next vacation

If you live in four seasonal country, this winter is the time for you to escape the cold and travel to warmer place. Indonesia is a great place to visit to make you stay warm. Malang is one of most popular travel destinations in Indonesia. However, you still can find some hidden beaches in secluded areas that even the locals may have not heard often about them. Here are some hidden, beautiful beaches in Malang you should visit:

  • Most people pay much money to be able to enjoy Jacuzzi. However, you can also enjoy Jacuzzi in one of the beaches in Malang, precisely at Pantai Batu Bengkung or Batu Bengkung Beach. This is where you can enjoy the most of your vacation by spending time in private Jacuzzi on the beach. The corals barricade sea water floods and instead the basin is filled in and turned into natural pool similar to a Jacuzzi. Another important point to enjoy in this beach is the sunset and you can’t miss it.
  • Pantai Banyu Anjlok or Banyu Anjlok Beach is where you cannot only find peaceful, clean beach but also natural pool and waterfall at the same spot. Next to the beach, you can see clearly a mini waterfall running down to the natural pool below. Thus, you can bask in the pool while looking out the landscape of the beach. Or, you can also swim in the beach and take Instagram-worthy photos of next to the waterfall. Where else can you find a beach with natural waterfall and pool? Only in Malang Indonesia.
  • Next hidden, unique beach to visit when travelling to Malang is Pantai Jonggring Saloko or Jonggring Saloko Beach. This is where you can enjoy being hit by waves. Firstly, the wave hits are not dangerous here. In this beach, you can enjoy a refreshing splash of sea water spray through the cliffs. There will be water spray in its foamy and bubbly delight when the waves hit the cliff. You can also climb up to a higher cliff and enjoy the spectacle of water forming a white umbrella of foam. The water here is still clear with stunning view completed the perfect beach.

Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali, A Pleasure To Taste Perfection Dish

Bali is a vacation destination for everyone from all over the world. No matter you from any country, definitely look for and enjoy the best seafood restaurant in Bali. Jimbaran is a favorite area for travelers to enjoy Balinese seafood with beach views. Dining at the best seafood restaurant in Bali is a perfect moment.

best seafood restaurant in bali

Amazing Experience To Taste The Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali While Holiday

Bali Seafood restaurant is not only centered in Jimbaran. There are many restaurants with international chefs serving seafood with various flavors from many countries. The best seafood restaurant in Bali truly pampers the tongue of seafood lovers. This is one reason why many people bring their business connections and culinary skills by opening a Balinese seafood restaurant.

Bali offers classy and luxurious western food made from fresh seafood. Prices and variants of the dish are amazing ranging from Moroccan, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and many others. As said that every best seafood restaurant in Bali brings a menu of diverse flavors.

Seafood is not only processed with the taste of many countries. In fact, there are many migrants from outside Bali who bring and make delicious local seafood dishes. This is something amazing. You can choose any of the best seafood restaurants in Bali according to the taste you want.

When looking at the prices of Bali seafood offered, you will be a little surprised. To enjoy it from the best seafood restaurant in Bali, you will only pay cheaply. Looking for a Balinese seafood buffet with western dishes? You will find a culinary paradise in Bali. Sky Garden, one of Bali’s seafood buffet travelers’ destinations. You only pay 99,000 rupiahs for the “all you can eat” promo.

The other best seafood restaurant in Bali that you can enjoy is in the Seminyak area. You can find international standard restaurants. Serving bbq Seminyak adds to your appetite. The restaurant menu in the Seminyak area allows you to pay more but is equivalent to what you will enjoy.

Sea Vu Play is one of the best steak and seafood in the Seminyak area with a cozy pirate-themed atmosphere. If you bring your family to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, then it’s right if you visit the Sea Vu Play.

Vacation to the island of God is incomplete if you don’t enjoy the best seafood restaurant in Bali. No need to worry about prices, the best seafood restaurant in Bali always provides surprises for travelers at affordable prices. 

Best Foods to Try When Travel to Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one the most desired travel destination in Indonesia especially because one of the seven wonders, Borobudur temple, is here. However, Yogyakarta also other things which draw tourist’s attraction, one of the being good foods. For foods enthusiasts, travelling without trying authentic local dishes is like a crime. Besides, local food is part of the culture. Yogyakarta is a special region because it is the only Indonesian royal city still ruled by monarchy. Classical Javanese arts and cultures are centered in this region. Thus, everything here is so special. Just like Bali, Yogyakarta has also been famous amongst international travelers.

Food travelling in Yogyakarta you must try

Through local foods, you can also learn more about the culture in Yogyakarta. Besides, people in Yogyakarta are friendly and polite. You can ask many things while savoring the foods here. These are some of authentic local foods you should try when visit Yogyakarta:

  • The first and ultimate food of Yogyakarta is none other than Gudeg. This is Yogyakarta’s signature cuisine you shouldn’t miss during your trip to this special region. The main ingredient of this dish is jackfruit stewed for hours along with other spices such as coriander, garlic, etc. it is served on a banana leaf. Side dishes for Gudeg include tempeh and coconut-flavored chicken. Recommended place to savor this authentic dish is at Gudeg Pawon, a local dining. Or you can also try oldest Gudeg recipe at Gudeg Mbah Lindu Sosrowijayan.
  • Next recommended food to try when visit Yogyakarta is Wedang Tahu. It is tofu in ginger soup. For some people it may sounds off. However, this is one of the most favorite light food to enjoy in Yogyakarta especially when the weather is a bit chilly. It is more like dessert than main course. It is made of very soft tofu in ginger water and sweet syrup. Recommended place to visit is Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi. Be ready to come early because the stall is only open till it is sold out. Usually, it is sold out within less than 2 hours.
  • The next food you should try is Yogyakarta’s version of crepe called Kue Lekker. This is sweet delicacy which temp not only adult’s taste bud but also kid’s. This has crispy texture along with many options of filling you can choose. Recommended place to try this sweet authentic local delicacy is at Kue Lekker Pak Yo where Lekker is cooked on charcoal. There is no modern device used to make this Yogyakarta’s crepe.
  • Next must-try food in Yogyakarta is spicy smoked catfish. This is best for spicy food lovers because the level of spiciness is quite extreme. It is cooked on traditional charcoal stove. It is usually served with steamy rice and boiled egg. Best place to eat this old legendary recipe is at Mangut Lele Mbah Marto Nggeneng where you can sneak a peek into the kitchen where the dish is made. You can also interact with old, friendly, sweet cooks.