Different Versions Of Porridge Around The World

Porridge is one of the most common foods in every country around the world. However, each country may have different versions of it. Porridge is comfort food loved by many regardless of age. Not to mention that a bowl of porridge usually contains of nutritious ingredients that can boost your health. 

Porridge can actually be served at any time. However, many people around the world enjoy it in the morning more. Some people also enjoy porridge as late night food. However, it is very rare for people to enjoy it for lunch even though it is not forbidden. So here are various versions of porridge around the world you might be interested to try:


Congee porridge
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This is one of the most famous porridge in the world which is widely consumed across Asia. This is rice porridge usually served for breakfast or when you are sick to gain quick recovery. It can be served as it is without any additional protein or vegetables. However, most people prefer it to be added with various toppings such as eggs, tofu, pickled vegetables, and soy sauce. People especially in Asia also eat Congee to cure hangover. 


Polentina porridge
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This version of porridge looks tasty but simple. This porridge also known as polenta soup or corn porridge is made from corn starch. It was originally made by Italian peasants in 18th century. However, it has becomes one of the most delicious porridge in the world. Today, Polentina is often infused with variety of fruits to enrich the flavor. The texture is creamy and a bit sweet, perfect to warm you up during chilly days. 


Oatmeal porridge
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This is a very popular version of porridge liked by many especially for those who are on diet or simply health-conscious. This porridge is made from oats. Some people like instant oatmeal that can be served quick. Meanwhile, some others prefer making it from more sturdy steel-cut oats. To add more flavor, it is added with a little bit of salt, milk or water, brown sugar, and or raisins. 


Genfo porridge
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This is such a unique version of porridge loved by Ethiopian people. They often consume it for breakfast and they often add spiced butter, or yogurt to elevate the taste. This porridge is made from millet, sorghum, chickpeas, maize, yellow peas, and Ethiopian oats. This porridge is full of nutrients good for health. 


Champurrado porridge
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This porridge is made with corn masa harina or masa de maiz, water, as well as ground cacao beans. It is also prepared with spices such as cinnamon, star anise, and vanilla. People also love to add milk, and sweetener. It is best to enjoy this porridge while it is still warm. 


Upma porridge
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This porridge is loved by Sri Lankan and South Indian. It is made from dry roasted semolina also known as coarse rice flour the local called upma. While being boiled, the porridge is added with oil-fried spices, vegetables, and chili. Some also like to garnish it with sprouted beans or nuts. You may find different version of Upma in different region. 

Best Destinations in Budapest For Cake Lovers

Cake is common food you can find everywhere. They come in different size, shape, flavor, and color. Every nation or region has their own version of cake representing their culture and tradition. There are also cakes made from invention and creative recipe. However, is it worth to travel around the world to find the best cakes? Well, it is possible for those who claim to love cake. One of the most recommended places to find the best cakes is Budapest, which is the capital city of Hungary, Europe.

Hungarian Strudel

Best locations to spot best cakes in Budapest

Travelling in Budapest allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature, classic architectures, and fine arts. However, Budapest is also a place where you can find the best cakes. Hungarian cakes are said to be influenced and infused by the local tradition and other European customs. And here are best cakes you can find in Budapest:

Kremes is a simple desert made up of layers of pastry completed with vanilla custard. The pastry is flaky and vanilla custard oozing out of it. For most people who tried this cakes said that it is a bit similar to Napoleon cake. However, this cake only consists of one layer and one filling. Coffee is best companion for this cake. Recommended place to eat this cake is at Hauer Cukraszda. 

Hungarian Strudel is a must try cake in Budapest. Lots of people associate strudel with Austria but you can also try Hungarian version in Budapest. There are three types of Hungarian Strudel you can try. They are apricot, poppy seeds, and Quark. Hungarian call Strudel as Reteges. This strudel doesn’t need companion. You can enjoy it cold without whipped cream or custard. Best place to find Hungarian Strudel is at Retesbolt Anno 1926.

Flodni is a classic delicacy for Jewish community. It is actually a classic Hungarian Jewish cake made up of five layered pastry with rich fillings consisted of apple, poppy seeds, walnut, and plum jam. It is said that every layer in Flodni has symbolic meaning to it. This cake is often served and enjoyed during Jewish festival of Purim. Highly recommended place to eat this sweet delight is at Cafe Noe. 

Esterhazy is highly recommended Hungarian cake, named for a famous noble family. This cake is made up of layer consisted of walnut infused buttercream and chocolate. It is also adorned with a fondant glaze. The taste and color is basically varied. This cake is filled with whipped cream and fondant. One of the most recommended places to enjoy this cake is at Cafe Gerbeaud. 

Rigo Jancsi is Hungarian cake named for Rigo Jancsi, a Romani violinist. There is a tragic, romantic story behind. However, you can focus on the romantic side of the story when enjoying this sweet cake. To describe Rigo Jancsi, it is a perfect combination of soft chocolate sponge, velvety chocolate mousse, and sweet apricot jam. Highly recommended place to eat this delight is at Hauer Cukraszda, a grand cafe in Budapest flocked by many visitors on daily basis. 

Petitenget Restaurant Seminyak, Window of the Outstanding Culinary Experience

Vacation to Bali and see a review of culinary lists, so restaurants in the Petitenget area are a must visit. Rows of Petitenget restaurants starting from Biku, Fat Turtle, or even fancy dining in hotel restaurants have become a trend and lifestyle. When else do you enjoy fancy food from international chefs?

Petitenget Restaurant Seminyak

Petitenget restaurant Seminyak is not just a place to eat but offers incredible views. The design, theme, and atmosphere of each restaurant are very interesting, especially for social media users.

Your appetite will always be spoiled in some international standard luxury accommodations. This is included in the benefits of staying in the best accommodation where you will be served with international food throughout the day.

Luxury Cuisine All Day At Petitenget Restaurant Seminyak

No matter whether your stomach sounds morning, afternoon or evening, Petitenget restaurant Seminyak always provides the best for you. From local, western, Chinese, to Japanese dishes, presented and can be adjusted to your liking. Trying all the food from Petitenget restaurant Seminyak is also a list of culinary delights.

Bali is everything you expect when on vacation. Whether Petitenget restaurant Seminyak is local or international, all offer their own delights. In fact, many foreign investors are seeing opportunities for culinary progress in Bali. Without a doubt, they bring the taste of various countries to just spoil the tongue of the tourists.

Kanvaz resorts are one that offers a different and extraordinary culinary experience. Is it breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner always full of surprises and stimulates appetite. Creative snacks from experienced chefs enhance your culinary experience.

Several another Petitenget restaurant Seminyak which are also visited by tourists can be included in the culinary list. Biku, Mamasan, Sea Vu Play, La Brisa, and many other instagramables. This is a form of expatriates from various countries with many cultures that contribute to forming the hospitality industry in Bali very nicely.

The petitenget restaurant has become part of the prestigious and international cuisine of Bali. A restaurant with views of rice fields, swimming pools, and even the beach is always a favorite. Each Petitenget restaurant Seminyak carries the concept of culinary offerings that are able to provide the highest satisfaction for visitors. Enjoying a luxurious dish is a natural experience and you can share it with friends or family. Petitenget restaurant Seminyak makes your meal eager to be served by friendly local staff. Discover extraordinary culinary experiences at Petitenget restaurant Seminyak.

Enjoy the Most of Your Family Trip in Singapore

Singapore might be tiny but it doesn’t make you less thrill to enjoy your family trip there. Singapore can be considered as one of the most family-friendly travel destinations in the world because it provides everything you need for a perfect family getaway. Family-friendly attractions in Singapore are not only interesting but only full of cultural and educational value. Thus, having a vacation to Singapore with your families won’t be far from boring. Aside from it, Singapore also provides comfortable and safe environment for families. Accommodation, transport, and foods are something you and your families should not be worried about.

Make the most of your family time in Singapore

Family getaway in Singapore is a great idea because your families especially your kids will have the best adventure. There are many places to visit which are not only fun but also safe. So here are some recommendation how to enjoy the most of your family time in Singapore:

  • The must-visit place for family getaway in Singapore is of course Singapore Zoo. This is where you will be able to see the wildlife of Southeast Asia. This is home to over 3,000 animals. This zoo is built on a 28-hectare park with various rare animals including Orangutan, Malayan Tiger, Sun Bears, and many more. Of course, there are also kids’ favorites such as giraffes, polar bears, and hamadryads baboons, elephants, etc. This zoo has open concept in which visitors can see clearly animals on their comfort zone. There are also feeding sessions so you and your kids which is going to be fun for your kids.
  • Foods cannot be separated from a trip especially when it comes to a trip in Singapore where you can find various delicious foods to enjoy. Singapore might be considered as expensive city but you still can eat out with your families in more affordable spots during your trip. One of the most recommended places to eat out is Hawker Center. It is family-friendly food courts with open concept. It serves various dishes and Asian dishes are the highlight. Most importantly, the price is relatively cheap. You can even buy big meals with $5.
  • Tour kids must have loved futuristic things. Thus, you should visit Gardens by The Bay where you and your families can find a unique plant-based greenhouse. This place is also home to endangered plants. There is also walkways which can give you a little bit more thrill and adventure. There are play areas specifically for kids of age 2 to 12. In the middle of this place, there is a beautiful fountain area for relaxing.
  • Universal Studio in Singapore is the second in the world. Thus, it is such a waste if you visit Singapore without planning to visit this popular spot especially for kids. Around the park, there’s seven movie-themed zones to visit. This place is not only fun for kids but also for adults and even elderly. Other attractions are also available outside the Park you and families can enjoy.

Travel Snacks Hack: Don’t Starve During a Flight!

Snacks hack during flight travel

Travel snack is arguably one of the most important things that should not be forgotten. Especially if you’re on a long-haul flight! The dehydration and the very small portions of in-flight food just won’t cut it. So having your own snacks ready is not just essential, but often, necessary.

Get to know the basics of TSA regulation

The TSA regulation apparently has a page that informs you whether you can bring snacks or not. And the answer is? Yes! Some people do worry about whether they would be able to bring food onboard or not because liquids are prohibited. Solid food items are definitely allowed onboard. Food or beverages that aren’t allowed are ones that come in a form of liquid or gel. So, unfortunately, you can’t bring things like yogurt to the plane.

Healthy food is delicious food

While the idea of a flight snack is to keep yourself fed throughout the trip, picking good food is important. That does not mean you have to stuff your lunch boxes with broccoli if you don’t like it. Fill it with something that’s both delicious and healthy. One fine example of this is fruit! One Fuji apple and a banana would keep your stomach happy for even a four-hour flight even if you don’t order any in-flight food at all.

What are some snack ideas for your plane ride?

Try some of these for your next flight—whether it’s a long-haul or a short trip:

  1. Fruits. Many kinds of fruits. My favorites are apples, pears, bananas, and some watermelon for extra hydration.
  2. Sandwiches and wraps. They’re convenient and most importantly, very easy to eat on the go. Pack a shawarma or doner kebab with lots of crunchy veggies inside if you have a long flight. They’re very filling and they taste amazing.
  3. Hard-boiled eggs. Super simple and an excellent source of protein. Keeping the eggs in its shell is the best way to keep it fresh throughout your journey.
  4. Salads. Salads are, of course, one of the number one go-to healthy dishes that are also an excellent option for airplane snacks. Give your salad a wrap if you want to eat it with less mess. Stuff your salad in a pita to make it extra filling. Separate the dressing so that your salad would still taste good on the plane.

Packing your snack

Choosing what you want for your plane snack is just half the battle. Now it’s time for you to pack your snacks! You don’t want it messy or makes it inconvenient for you to eat. Always keep your snack in your handbag or your personal bag.

And you’ll probably need enough room for that. Don’t put your snacks in the cabin luggage, not those you’d like to eat during the flight, at least.

Use of lunch boxes is classic and very versatile. Alternatively, you may also use reusable snack bags (Chicobag, for example).

They’re washable and they take so much less room compared to the lunch boxes. Remember to always bring a water bottle too for you to fill on your destination or after you passed the security.

Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali, A Pleasure To Taste Perfection Dish

Bali is a vacation destination for everyone from all over the world. No matter you from any country, definitely look for and enjoy the best seafood restaurant in Bali. Jimbaran is a favorite area for travelers to enjoy Balinese seafood with beach views. Dining at the best seafood restaurant in Bali is a perfect moment.

best seafood restaurant in bali

Amazing Experience To Taste The Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali While Holiday

Bali Seafood restaurant is not only centered in Jimbaran. There are many restaurants with international chefs serving seafood with various flavors from many countries. The best seafood restaurant in Bali truly pampers the tongue of seafood lovers. This is one reason why many people bring their business connections and culinary skills by opening a Balinese seafood restaurant.

Bali offers classy and luxurious western food made from fresh seafood. Prices and variants of the dish are amazing ranging from Moroccan, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and many others. As said that every best seafood restaurant in Bali brings a menu of diverse flavors.

Seafood is not only processed with the taste of many countries. In fact, there are many migrants from outside Bali who bring and make delicious local seafood dishes. This is something amazing. You can choose any of the best seafood restaurants in Bali according to the taste you want.

When looking at the prices of Bali seafood offered, you will be a little surprised. To enjoy it from the best seafood restaurant in Bali, you will only pay cheaply. Looking for a Balinese seafood buffet with western dishes? You will find a culinary paradise in Bali. Sky Garden, one of Bali’s seafood buffet travelers’ destinations. You only pay 99,000 rupiahs for the “all you can eat” promo.

The other best seafood restaurant in Bali that you can enjoy is in the Seminyak area. You can find international standard restaurants. Serving bbq Seminyak adds to your appetite. The restaurant menu in the Seminyak area allows you to pay more but is equivalent to what you will enjoy.

Sea Vu Play is one of the best steak and seafood in the Seminyak area with a cozy pirate-themed atmosphere. If you bring your family to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, then it’s right if you visit the Sea Vu Play.

Vacation to the island of God is incomplete if you don’t enjoy the best seafood restaurant in Bali. No need to worry about prices, the best seafood restaurant in Bali always provides surprises for travelers at affordable prices.