Things You Should Leave at Home When Travelling Abroad


Before traveling, it is often that travelers are busy packing this and that. As the result, there are more unnecessary things to pack in the suitcase. Therefore, it is highly advised to list the things you will need for traveling ahead of time. Thus, you don’t need to pack in a rush. You can start packing three or five days before traveling. Thus, you still have time to purchase something you don’t have at home for your travel necessities. There are also things you don’t need to bring for traveling and more recommended to leave them at home.

Things You Should Leave at Home When Travelling Abroad

Leave these things at home before traveling abroad

It is highly recommended to take a good look at what’s inside before closing your packed suitcase for your trip. Make sure that everything you need is already inside. You can check the list you have made. It is important not to pack anything that you are afraid to lose during your trip. Thus, make sure to pack something less valuable instead. Here are things that are better left at home instead of packed in your suitcase:

  • High valued items such as jewelry, things with sentimental value, and irreplaceable things are better left at home. Of course, there are also travelers who like traveling while wearing fancy jewelry. However, it is recommended not to do it because the risk of losing it is higher when traveling.
  • Next things that you should leave at home before traveling are those that usually stuck in your wallet such as social security cards, voter’s registration card, library card, irreplaceable memento such as photographs, etc. Thus, make sure to check your wallet before you leave your home. If you find important documents which are irreplaceable and aren’t really needed for your travel then better leave them at home. Thus, you don’t have to worry about losing them when traveling later.
  • Other things you don’t need to bring for traveling are hair dryers and most bathroom items. Most hotel and another type of accommodation provide hair dryer at least one per room. Thus, you don’t have to add another weight to your suitcase by bringing your hair dryer and just leave it at home. About bathrooms items like shampoo or soap, every hotel provides them just well. However, if you are used to using your own toiletries than you can bring what you need.
  • Anything that is categorized into ‘might’ is better left at home. It is better to bring what you ‘really’ need for traveling instead of relying on ‘might’ things. Unnecessary things such as pillows, the second belt, and heels for adventure travel are better left at home.
  • Excessive cash or check is not recommended to bring for traveling as well. Remember that you can rely better on your debit or credit card. Besides, there are also ATMs in every country nowadays so it isn’t hard to withdraw money in local currency. Just be sure to put your card safely in your bag since it is your money source.