How to Avoid Money Mistakes When Travelling


Money is one of the most important supports when it comes to traveling. It is the main source of happiness of course but with money, you will be able to travel safely and comfortably. The essence of happiness is more likely an individual’s mindset and attitude toward the trip. Budget traveling sometimes can be a hassle because every expense needs to be calculated so that the trip will run smoothly from the start to the end. Most travelers tend to focus on the bigger costs such as airplane ticket, hotel, car rental, etc. However, there are also small things which cost as soon as you moving such as tolls, parking, water bottles, etc.

How to Avoid Money Mistakes When Travelling

Avoiding money mistakes when traveling

Budget traveling isn’t supposed to limit your happiness. Thus, it is recommended to calculate everything from the start. It is better to prepare extra just in case you face an emergency when traveling instead of running out of the budget in the middle of traveling. Here are some money mistakes when travelling you should avoid:

  • The first error most travelers do is that forget to call the bank before traveling abroad. Remember that banks today are equipped with high-tech and facilities. When you are suddenly using your card across the country, fraud detectors can be tripped quickly. Keep in mind that this applies not only to a debit card but also credit card. Thus, make sure to talk to the bank before traveling overseas to get them approved for international use of your card.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is highly advised to plan everything ahead of time. You need to calculate your travel expense even for small things such as taxi fee or water bottles. This will give you more reassurance about your travel budget. Thus, you don’t have to try figuring out everything when traveling and just enjoy the trip.
  • Next travel money mistake is forgetting to research the local exchange rate. This sounds simple but it a big deal. Every country has different currency and local exchange. To do the transaction in your travel destination, you will need local currency. If you do the research ahead of time, you will get a handle quickly on how much things cost.
  • Another mistake in traveling when it comes to money is bringing traveler’s check. This is hardly acceptable anymore in most travel destinations in the world. They are not cheap and efficient. It takes much time to obtain and purchase them.  Instead of bringing traveler’s checks it is more recommended to bring a credit card for traveling.
  • Forgetting tipping custom is another travel money mistake you can actually avoid if you do a little research before leaving your home. Remember that every place may have different tipping customs. In fact, it can be different from industry to industry. For example, tipping for a service in the restaurant and for a taxi ride is different in Brazil. Thus, it is highly recommended to spend your time a little o research about tipping customs of your travel destination.