How Much Scuba Diving For Beginners Cost?


Scuba diving is the best way to provide adventure in life. Curiosity is what makes many people want to try diving. Various information on underwater beauty has built up a sense of desire to dive. In fact, many beginner divers then pursue the world of diving to the professional level. Scuba diving for beginners is the only way to reach the dream of seeing a different world.

scuba diving for beginners

Visiting diving destinations, there will be many packages for scuba diving for beginners. Maybe there are some people who pursue diving as a hobby or pleasure. Want to enjoy fun, you must obey the simple rules about scuba diving.

Scuba diving for beginners is not only limited to certain groups. Children, women can also take part in diving activities. As long as potential divers are declared healthy, then they can dive at any time. Therefore, one of the conditions for scuba diving for beginners is to be physically and mentally healthy. Then what is the cost of training for scuba diving for beginners?

Scuba diving For Beginners – Open Water Divers Cost

This is the beginning of scuba diving training for beginners. It takes 4-5 days to complete the initial stage. Training will be provided starting from 3 chapters about dive theory, 3 modules of practice in confined water skills, 2 dives in open water with a maximum depth of 12 meters. At least the age of participants is at least 10 years old, can swim, and be healthy. The cost you have to spend is around $ 300 – $ 400.

Advanced Divers – Scuba diving for beginners

This is an advanced level of scuba diving for beginners. It would be very possible if a beginner continued training to a higher level. If you are not satisfied with the underwater scenery at a depth of 12 meters, then you must take advance divers training. At the advanced divers level, you can dive at a depth of 18-30 meters. If you have a lot of time off do both while holidays.

Open water and advanced divers are two levels of scuba diving for beginners that you need to take to be able to explore the underwater at a depth of 12-30 meters. If diving is your passion, then you can take a higher level of scuba diving training. The costs required for each level will vary. For this reason, it is better if you are looking for information about the cost of diving training, from scuba diving to beginners to professional levels.