Best Destinations in Budapest For Cake Lovers


Cake is common food you can find everywhere. They come in different size, shape, flavor, and color. Every nation or region has their own version of cake representing their culture and tradition. There are also cakes made from invention and creative recipe. However, is it worth to travel around the world to find the best cakes? Well, it is possible for those who claim to love cake. One of the most recommended places to find the best cakes is Budapest, which is the capital city of Hungary, Europe.

Hungarian Strudel

Best locations to spot best cakes in Budapest

Travelling in Budapest allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature, classic architectures, and fine arts. However, Budapest is also a place where you can find the best cakes. Hungarian cakes are said to be influenced and infused by the local tradition and other European customs. And here are best cakes you can find in Budapest:

Kremes is a simple desert made up of layers of pastry completed with vanilla custard. The pastry is flaky and vanilla custard oozing out of it. For most people who tried this cakes said that it is a bit similar to Napoleon cake. However, this cake only consists of one layer and one filling. Coffee is best companion for this cake. Recommended place to eat this cake is at Hauer Cukraszda. 

Hungarian Strudel is a must try cake in Budapest. Lots of people associate strudel with Austria but you can also try Hungarian version in Budapest. There are three types of Hungarian Strudel you can try. They are apricot, poppy seeds, and Quark. Hungarian call Strudel as Reteges. This strudel doesn’t need companion. You can enjoy it cold without whipped cream or custard. Best place to find Hungarian Strudel is at Retesbolt Anno 1926.

Flodni is a classic delicacy for Jewish community. It is actually a classic Hungarian Jewish cake made up of five layered pastry with rich fillings consisted of apple, poppy seeds, walnut, and plum jam. It is said that every layer in Flodni has symbolic meaning to it. This cake is often served and enjoyed during Jewish festival of Purim. Highly recommended place to eat this sweet delight is at Cafe Noe. 

Esterhazy is highly recommended Hungarian cake, named for a famous noble family. This cake is made up of layer consisted of walnut infused buttercream and chocolate. It is also adorned with a fondant glaze. The taste and color is basically varied. This cake is filled with whipped cream and fondant. One of the most recommended places to enjoy this cake is at Cafe Gerbeaud. 

Rigo Jancsi is Hungarian cake named for Rigo Jancsi, a Romani violinist. There is a tragic, romantic story behind. However, you can focus on the romantic side of the story when enjoying this sweet cake. To describe Rigo Jancsi, it is a perfect combination of soft chocolate sponge, velvety chocolate mousse, and sweet apricot jam. Highly recommended place to eat this delight is at Hauer Cukraszda, a grand cafe in Budapest flocked by many visitors on daily basis.