Money Safety Tips Every Traveler Needs


Money is one of essentials you need for travelling. Thus, it is just common sense to look for extra caution with its safety. Without money, you have nothing to support your trip. If you lose it while travelling then you will face more hassles than necessary. There are many cases when travelers lose their money due to theft, robbery, or simply lose it. Petty crime like pickpocketing is pretty common all around the world no matter what circumstance is. However, tourists attraction often hold greater risks of losing money because tourist and travelers alike are the most obvious target for this crime. Thus, it doesn’t hurt to make extra preparation to prevent you from losing money when travelling.

Money Safety Tips Every Traveler Needs

Tips to keep your money safe during your trip

Tourists are easy prey for petty crimes. However, you can prevent yourself from being one of the prey and victims with a little bit of common sense and of course extra preparation. Here are some useful tips to help you keep your money safe while travelling:

  • It is not recommended to place your valuable such as credit and debit card, money and passport in a purse. It is safer to keep them in your pouch. It is because purse is easier to snatch. When you are not paying attention, it will be snatched in a blink of an eye. Your backpack is not a safe place to keep them either. It can be opened easily even without your notice. Meanwhile, keeping them in your wallet in your back or front pocket is like inviting pickpocket to take it. Thus, choose the right pouch that can be concealed under your clothing or attach to your belt.
  • Another valuable thing is ATM card since it is a direct link to your savings. Thus, it is important to keep it safe when travelling. Thus, it is highly suggested to make sure that no one waiting behind you can see you entering your PIN number. Then, make sure to take the receipt with you after withdrawing cash. It is suggested to choose safe location when the light is lit properly and the surrounding is not suspicious.
  • There are many types of ATM you may find when travelling. There is indoor ATM and drive-through ATM. When you use indoor ATM that requires your card to open the door then you should avoid letting anyone come in. When you use drive-through ATM, make sure to lock your car doors properly. It is highly recommended to not leave your car running or unlocked.
  • It is highly advised to not count your cash while standing at the ATM. It is also not suggested to rummage through your personal belonging in an open space. It will bring more attention. When you are in a crowd, there is possibility to lose your valuable such as ATM card. Thus, contact the financial institution that issued it immediately if it happens to you during your trip. Keeping your money safe needs you to stay on guard throughout your trip.