Shopping Tips You Need When Travelling Abroad


When it comes to travelling, shopping is one of a must-agenda you need to do because it is fun and exciting. There are always something interesting to buy at your travel destination especially when you visit it for the first time. You will be easily mesmerized just by simple accessories made by the local and such. However, it is also often that travelers are too carried away when shopping. As the result, they regret shopping because they spend too much money on it. For those who are loaded enough, money might not be a big concern. However, it is different for budget travelers who depends their travelling on calculated estimation.

Shopping guide when travelling abroad

You can prepare your finance for shopping in your travel destination in advance. However, shopping can easily distract travelers which make them spend too much money or spend money for unnecessary things. So here is shopping guide for you when travelling abroad:

  • First, it is highly recommended to buy genuine local goods. They are worth your money. Besides, it helps to raise the local’s economic as well. However, it is often that tourists buy non-genuine local goods. To make sure that what you buy is genuine local goods, you need to do a little research beforehand. It is important especially if you are going to make major purchase. For example, you want to buy kimono when travelling in Japan. Then you must find out about the qualities beforehand.
  • If you don’t have enough time to do your research, you can ask around to get references and recommendation about local goods with high quality. You can as your hotel staffs about it. They will be happily giving you information you needed regarding to shopping local goods. They will point out promising location for you to go shopping which helps a lot since you don’t have to spend extra time.
  • When you arrive at your shopping destination, it is highly advised to shop around. You need to familiarize yourself with the range of merchandise as well as prices available. If the price is too cheap for a good quality item, you need to be on alert because it can be a sign that the item is dupe.
  • Make sure you shop with positive attitude. It is normal for buyers and shoppers to bargain the prices with the sellers to get the best deals. However, you need to keep your composure as well. Being polite while shopping will be more appreciated by the local vendors. When negotiating, don’t look too enthusiast about the items because the seller will likely increase the price.
  • You need to keep in mind that you have paying duty. Your goods will have to clear customs before you can even bring them home. It may be different from one country to another so make sure you find out about it in advance. Customs will certainly inspect your packages and you will have to pay it if you owe duty.