A Better Way to Vacate: Rent Private Boat Charter Komodo


Komodo is one of Indonesian belle for summer destination that quickly will surpass its big sister, Bali. Numerous tourists visited the region each year in search for the dragons, the last on this earth, tightly protected by the UNESCO and proudly stands as part of New 7 Wonders of the World. Komodo are flowing with great diversity of adventure you can take that picking up which one of them would be a though choice. And there, between the surreal-looking islets and translucent blue water, sail numerous liveaboard to take you into enticing destinations. Among them are private boat charter Komodo that you can rent exclusively for yourself.

A Better Way to Vacate: Rent Private Boat Charter Komodo

if you like to have freedom and privacy of your own, you would certainly love private liveaboard. Here’s the perk of sailing with a private liveaboard trip with no one else but you around:

The Best Vacation is Kept As Secret

Do you know what’s best from a vacation? A chance to get away from people and get absorbed to Mother Nature’s beautiful creation, closing down “reality” on the other side of the world, and get totally isolated in blissful seclusion. Can you get “blissful seclusion” with dozen other people (not to mention that most of them would be strangers) around?

Now imagine if the boat has only you and your carefully selected companions. They can be your lover, family, or just closest friends. With wide open seas, Komodo’s stunning landscape, and nothing else around, this sailing trip can be a chance to perfectly dwell on idyllic gateway and having quality private time with your companion.

Clear Cut Schedule to Suit Personal Style

The best way to experience Komodo is arguably to have your own tailored tour. But it’s going to be difficult if you are taking an open trip. To avoid arguments, operators usually prepare a cookie-cutter trip itinerary that will suit almost everyone’s need. Sadly, it might not be totally satisfactory when it’s down to personal taste. You might still want to linger a little longer on pink beach, go on Rinca after Komodo Island just to see more dragons, or skip the dive of the day just because you don’t feel like you want to. There’s no

The only time to have your own tailored tour is, not surprisingly, if you rent the boat charter Komodo for your own.

Less Time to Please Everyone in the Group Tour

While open trip can be very cheery, it also means that many needs need to be meet. Sometimes the tour organisers needs to hold a quick consensus to decide which island to visit for the first time in tomorrow morning. But when you (and your travel companion) are the only passengers in a Komodo boat charter, there would be no unnecessary fuss and disagreement to solve. Do you want to enjoy sunrise at 5 a.m in Gili Lawa? Crave for some gluten free, carbo-free, seafood delicacy for dinner? Need to take time longer in scenic Padar for some photography session? Just go ahead and talk with your crew! When you embark on private boat charter Komodo, your need will be the sole priority of the crews.