Best Foods to Try When Travel to Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta is one the most desired travel destination in Indonesia especially because one of the seven wonders, Borobudur temple, is here. However, Yogyakarta also other things which draw tourist’s attraction, one of the being good foods. For foods enthusiasts, travelling without trying authentic local dishes is like a crime. Besides, local food is part of the culture. Yogyakarta is a special region because it is the only Indonesian royal city still ruled by monarchy. Classical Javanese arts and cultures are centered in this region. Thus, everything here is so special. Just like Bali, Yogyakarta has also been famous amongst international travelers.

Food travelling in Yogyakarta you must try

Through local foods, you can also learn more about the culture in Yogyakarta. Besides, people in Yogyakarta are friendly and polite. You can ask many things while savoring the foods here. These are some of authentic local foods you should try when visit Yogyakarta:

  • The first and ultimate food of Yogyakarta is none other than Gudeg. This is Yogyakarta’s signature cuisine you shouldn’t miss during your trip to this special region. The main ingredient of this dish is jackfruit stewed for hours along with other spices such as coriander, garlic, etc. it is served on a banana leaf. Side dishes for Gudeg include tempeh and coconut-flavored chicken. Recommended place to savor this authentic dish is at Gudeg Pawon, a local dining. Or you can also try oldest Gudeg recipe at Gudeg Mbah Lindu Sosrowijayan.
  • Next recommended food to try when visit Yogyakarta is Wedang Tahu. It is tofu in ginger soup. For some people it may sounds off. However, this is one of the most favorite light food to enjoy in Yogyakarta especially when the weather is a bit chilly. It is more like dessert than main course. It is made of very soft tofu in ginger water and sweet syrup. Recommended place to visit is Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi. Be ready to come early because the stall is only open till it is sold out. Usually, it is sold out within less than 2 hours.
  • The next food you should try is Yogyakarta’s version of crepe called Kue Lekker. This is sweet delicacy which temp not only adult’s taste bud but also kid’s. This has crispy texture along with many options of filling you can choose. Recommended place to try this sweet authentic local delicacy is at Kue Lekker Pak Yo where Lekker is cooked on charcoal. There is no modern device used to make this Yogyakarta’s crepe.
  • Next must-try food in Yogyakarta is spicy smoked catfish. This is best for spicy food lovers because the level of spiciness is quite extreme. It is cooked on traditional charcoal stove. It is usually served with steamy rice and boiled egg. Best place to eat this old legendary recipe is at Mangut Lele Mbah Marto Nggeneng where you can sneak a peek into the kitchen where the dish is made. You can also interact with old, friendly, sweet cooks.