Possible Reasons You Always Get Sick After Travelling


People travel for many reasons. Some of travellers want to gain new experiences by learning more about new cultures. Some travelers are doing it just for fun. There are also travelers who travel to relieve some stress from their body and soul. The after-effect of travelling is also varied from one person to another. Some people feel more relived and stress-free after travelling. Meanwhile, the others are struggling from sickness after travelling which make them feel stress even more. If you always get sick after travelling no matter where your travel destination is, there might be reasons behind.

Possible Reasons You Always Get Sick After Travelling

Reasons why you always get sick after travelling

Instead of bringing pretty souvenir, you come home with various sicknesses such as cold, cough, sore throat, migraine, etc. It is possible for you to get sickness after travelling even when you have done pretty good job in maintaining your health. Travelers do different things to stay healthy during travelling such as wiping down any surfaces, washing hand before and after eat, eating only healthy foods, etc. So what is the problem causing your health to get ruined after travelling after you have done everything to stay healthy during your trip? Here are possible reasons:

  • Out of your regular environment. Travelling means you visit new place where it is out of your regular environment. Your body will be forced to adapt well with new environment and everything within. With new environment, it means you will have to face different bacteria and virus that your body has never recognized before. It makes your body more prone to sickness. Even if you are healthy during your trip, the bacteria or virus can stay longer in your body to inhibit and start the infection later when you are back at home.
  • Travel stress, fatigues, and jet lag. They are often the most things causing you to get sickness after travelling. During your travel, you may have felt energized entirely. Your steps are light and you smile often. Your adrenaline will also spike up during travelling. When you visit new environment, your body unconsciously stay on guard to make you stay alert of your surroundings as well. However, everything will wear off once you are back at home. Your adrenaline, excitement, and positive energy may drain soon as you land on your home town. It leaves your body fatigue and stress which makes it prone to sickness.
  • It is common to fall ill after travelling due to many reasons mentioned earlier. You will regain your health once you have proper rest. Make sure not to strain yourself with heavy activities and let your body come down from the high of travelling. However, you also need to be cautious if your sickness seems to be more serious. If you have been in a country with malaria for example, and you develop fever within a month after leaving the country then you should seek medical help from professional. It is same as when you experience persistent diarrhea after travelling that you need to seek medical help.