Peaceful Travelling to Hidden Beaches in Malang Indonesia


Indonesia is maritime country so it is easy to spot beaches. You may have been familiar with Bali Island where there are many beautiful beaches to find. However, Bali is not the only place you can go to when travelling to Indonesia. You can also choose Malang as your next travel destination. This is where you can visit hidden beaches which are truly beautiful and mesmerizing. Having a peaceful vacation to hidden and secluded beaches is a great healing therapy for you to get the stress away. The moment is valuable for you to regain your energy and positive mind. Being close to the nature, especially the places which are not that often to be touched by human is good for your mind, body, and soul.

Find out hidden beaches in Malang Indonesia for your next vacation

If you live in four seasonal country, this winter is the time for you to escape the cold and travel to warmer place. Indonesia is a great place to visit to make you stay warm. Malang is one of most popular travel destinations in Indonesia. However, you still can find some hidden beaches in secluded areas that even the locals may have not heard often about them. Here are some hidden, beautiful beaches in Malang you should visit:

  • Most people pay much money to be able to enjoy Jacuzzi. However, you can also enjoy Jacuzzi in one of the beaches in Malang, precisely at Pantai Batu Bengkung or Batu Bengkung Beach. This is where you can enjoy the most of your vacation by spending time in private Jacuzzi on the beach. The corals barricade sea water floods and instead the basin is filled in and turned into natural pool similar to a Jacuzzi. Another important point to enjoy in this beach is the sunset and you can’t miss it.
  • Pantai Banyu Anjlok or Banyu Anjlok Beach is where you cannot only find peaceful, clean beach but also natural pool and waterfall at the same spot. Next to the beach, you can see clearly a mini waterfall running down to the natural pool below. Thus, you can bask in the pool while looking out the landscape of the beach. Or, you can also swim in the beach and take Instagram-worthy photos of next to the waterfall. Where else can you find a beach with natural waterfall and pool? Only in Malang Indonesia.
  • Next hidden, unique beach to visit when travelling to Malang is Pantai Jonggring Saloko or Jonggring Saloko Beach. This is where you can enjoy being hit by waves. Firstly, the wave hits are not dangerous here. In this beach, you can enjoy a refreshing splash of sea water spray through the cliffs. There will be water spray in its foamy and bubbly delight when the waves hit the cliff. You can also climb up to a higher cliff and enjoy the spectacle of water forming a white umbrella of foam. The water here is still clear with stunning view completed the perfect beach.