Must Visit Destinations for Food Enthusiasts


Travelling is usually filled with photos of tourist attractions, beautiful landscape, local events, etc. However, it might be a bit different for food enthusiasts where most of their trip gallery is full of food photos. For food enthusiasts, ‘bite-seeing’ must be more interesting than sightseeing. Well, travelling specifically to try out different dishes from every place you visit is exciting. It is not only to fill in your stomach but also knowing more about the local culture. It is because the creation of food in every place is influenced by many factors such as culture, custom, and tradition. Trying various dishes is the best way to understand more about the culinary culture.

Must Visit Destinations for Food Enthusiasts

Best destinations that food enthusiasts should visit

There are countless places you can visit to taste various delicacies at its finest but here are the most recommended ones for food enthusiasts to visit:

  • Hong Kong, China is a great place to satisfy your desire of food since Chinese cuisines are in wider range. It is true that you can find Chinese food almost everywhere. However, there is no better place to taste original Chinese cuisine rather than in China itself. This is where you can find the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant. There are various regional specialties aside from the already famous delicacies such as dim sum, pecking ducks, etc.
  • Lyon, France is also a must visit destination for food enthusiasts who want to dine well on humbler cuisines. There are various dishes you can try such as boudin noir or blood sausage, chicken with vinegar, or pork cheeks. It is also recommended to visit the outdoor Saint-Antoine Market as well as the indoor Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. Those where you can find he finest gourmets of France.
  • Marrakech, Morocco is a perfect destination for food lovers. It is recommended to dine in one of traditional restaurants in Marrakech. There are various local dishes you can try during your visit to Morocco such as pastilla or meat pie, couscous, kefta, etc. You can even attend one of cooking classes where you can even choose your favorite dish to learn.
  • New Orleans, USA is a must visit destination when it comes to food travelling. There are wide ranges of dish you can try during our trip started from fresh oyster to muffuletta sandwich. You can dine in fancy restaurant or in the traditional one. One of the most recommended places to drop by is Cafe du Monde where you can try a beignet with powdered sugar. It is quite similar to donut but in square shape and without hole.
  • Kyoto, Japan is of course listed to one of the most recommended places for food enthusiast to visit. Aside from popular foods such as ramen or sushi, you need to try another original delicacy such as kaiseki ryori. It is refined meal which focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients. It is unfolded in a series of small courses in which each serve consists of exquisite dish. There are also various appetizers such as the infamous sashimi.