The Scenic Komodo Tour and Where to Fly Your Drone


With the crazy popularity of Bali, many people forget that Indonesia is made up by more than 17.000 islands that are equally beautiful. Without the touch of over expansion and modernisation, however, some islands even manage to preserve their natural beauty against the time. And that’s what you would see when you are having a Komodo tour.

Dangling in the frontier of Indonesia eastern part, Komodo Island let out a very different vibe than what would you see in other part of the country. Acres of auburn savannah replace the usual verdant rice paddies, jagged hills stands in place of volcanic mountain. Rather than your typical tropical destination, the Komodo National Park seems like a forgotten wilder west that slips from time.

With so much outlandish beauty to see, Komodo promises endless picture-perfect scenery that will satiate your inner wanderlust and give you plenty of breathtaking photos enough to last a lifetime. For some travelers and photographers, bringing a drone to Komodo comes almost mandatory. Whether it’s for your Youtube channel, Instagram feed, or preceding project, here are five perfect destination to fly your drone and capture the best of your Komodo tour.

The Scenic Komodo Tour and Where to Fly Your Drone

Viewpoints at Padar

Padar viewpoint is a must. Within 20 minute hike, the top viewpoint offers jaw dropping panorama over three multicoloured bays and everything around them. You can even see the whole landscape of the National Park from there!

Above the Taka Makassar

Capture that gradient of blue!

Taka Makassar is large sand bed with an area of football field, resembling a tiny white island made up entirely from beach sands. The gorgeous white sand bed stands so bright in contrast with the blue ocean. From above, you will see how the water around the sanded graded beautifully. From what appear as translucent turquoise water gradually goes darker to deep blue ocean. 

On Gili Lawa

Numerous undulating hills carpeted with red and brownish savannah makes this island looks so surreal. Up from above, you can see how the island is being so dramatic with rich with high and low hills, deep bays, and surrounded by large bodies of water. Gili Lawa one perfect place in Komodo tour to have a wanderlust, solitary shoot backdropped with breathtaking landscape. 

Above the Pink Beach

The phenomenal Pink Beach might not appear as pink when you see it up close. But when you see it from five meter above, the pink sands shines so vibrant in beautiful contrast with the crystal clear aquamarine water. Lay on the cotton candy-like beach and let the drone capture the dreamlike view!

Practically, Whenever and Wherever the Komodo Tour Run

Seriously, every nook and cranny of Komodo National Park is super photogenic. everything is camera-ready and totally beg for a shoot. When you have done enough with all the islands, try to fly your drone from your liveaboard. See how gorgeous the boat can be—floating in the water with amber-coloured islands stand in the surroundings.