How to Travel in 24 Hours Straight Smoothly


Enduring a long haul travel is much challenging. It is not for everybody. In order to do so, you have to be in the best physical fitness. It may be less overwhelming for those who travel frequently. However, travel for 24 hours straight will possibly drain your energy physically and mentally.

Travelling smoothly in 24 hours straight

Travelling for over 24 hours straights sometimes is unavoidable especially if your travel destination is so far. You may have another option such as transit and take a break. However, the longer the journey you have to endure, the bigger the struggle you need to handle.

Therefore, most travellers prefer travelling for 24 hours straight without necessarily break in between.

Travelling smoothly in 24 hours straight

Travelling to new places is always exciting. It gives you a feeling of fresh air since you have never been there before. You may spend your whole week before your departure squealing or preparing what to pack. There will be many challenges you will face when you decide to travel over 24 hours straight. Thus, here are some useful tips you may find helpful for your next long haul trip.

First thing first, always plan ahead of time. It sounds cliché but is helpful for you to survive long haul journey to your travel destination. What you need to plan specifically is your flight path.

It is recommended to take flight which can make you arrive late at night so you can at least catch some sleep with full night’s rest before starting your journey in your destination. It is also recommended to leave your origin airport at a normal time. Thus, you can replicate your normal daily routine on your flight at least.

Then, choose your airline and transfer airport wisely. You need to keep in mind that not all foreign airlines are created equal. You need to choose the one that is clean, efficient, and employ friendly, English spoken flight attendant. Travel over 24 hour straight means you have to deal with transfer process. Make sure to research about it first so your trip will be running more smoothly.

You should also make sure to relax and gain enough rest during your long haul flight. If you have difficulty to sleep during your flight, you can drink a glass of wine. It helps you to relax without dehydrating your system.

It may be hard to fall asleep right away especially when you take economy class. Thus, you should pack something that can help you sleep better and easier from home. You may follow your normal sleep routine or drink herbal tea.

It is also important to wear comfortable outfit especially when you are in 24 hours travel. You also need to keep your system hydrated by drinking enough water.

In addition, use your in-flight amenity kit to the fullest to make you more comfortable during your long haul flight. Another important thing to survive 24hours travel is to arrange airport pickup in advance. This means you have one less thing to think when you are under extreme exhaustion.