Different Versions Of Porridge Around The World


Porridge is one of the most common foods in every country around the world. However, each country may have different versions of it. Porridge is comfort food loved by many regardless of age. Not to mention that a bowl of porridge usually contains of nutritious ingredients that can boost your health. 

Porridge can actually be served at any time. However, many people around the world enjoy it in the morning more. Some people also enjoy porridge as late night food. However, it is very rare for people to enjoy it for lunch even though it is not forbidden. So here are various versions of porridge around the world you might be interested to try:


Congee porridge
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This is one of the most famous porridge in the world which is widely consumed across Asia. This is rice porridge usually served for breakfast or when you are sick to gain quick recovery. It can be served as it is without any additional protein or vegetables. However, most people prefer it to be added with various toppings such as eggs, tofu, pickled vegetables, and soy sauce. People especially in Asia also eat Congee to cure hangover. 


Polentina porridge
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This version of porridge looks tasty but simple. This porridge also known as polenta soup or corn porridge is made from corn starch. It was originally made by Italian peasants in 18th century. However, it has becomes one of the most delicious porridge in the world. Today, Polentina is often infused with variety of fruits to enrich the flavor. The texture is creamy and a bit sweet, perfect to warm you up during chilly days. 


Oatmeal porridge
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This is a very popular version of porridge liked by many especially for those who are on diet or simply health-conscious. This porridge is made from oats. Some people like instant oatmeal that can be served quick. Meanwhile, some others prefer making it from more sturdy steel-cut oats. To add more flavor, it is added with a little bit of salt, milk or water, brown sugar, and or raisins. 


Genfo porridge
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This is such a unique version of porridge loved by Ethiopian people. They often consume it for breakfast and they often add spiced butter, or yogurt to elevate the taste. This porridge is made from millet, sorghum, chickpeas, maize, yellow peas, and Ethiopian oats. This porridge is full of nutrients good for health. 


Champurrado porridge
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This porridge is made with corn masa harina or masa de maiz, water, as well as ground cacao beans. It is also prepared with spices such as cinnamon, star anise, and vanilla. People also love to add milk, and sweetener. It is best to enjoy this porridge while it is still warm. 


Upma porridge
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This porridge is loved by Sri Lankan and South Indian. It is made from dry roasted semolina also known as coarse rice flour the local called upma. While being boiled, the porridge is added with oil-fried spices, vegetables, and chili. Some also like to garnish it with sprouted beans or nuts. You may find different version of Upma in different region.