5 Unique and Best Bars In Bali Seminyak

Joining the crowd and dancing all night is the most trend in Bali, especially in Seminyak. Rows of Seminyak bars with indoor or outdoor spaces with beach views and perfect for sunset viewing, ready to offer fun for visitors. If you have never seen the beauty of a sunset in Bali, then looking for a spot to enjoy it is endless.

 Best Bars In Bali Seminyak

Best bars in Bali Seminyak fame is undoubted. Tourists look enthusiastic in looking for spot bars in Seminyak Bali to enjoy the beauty of the sunset, even some best bars in Bali Seminyak require you to booking first. Entering the bars seeing the best scenery is the perfect holiday in Bali.

Let’s explore 5 Unique and Best Bars in Bali Seminyak

Alila Seminyak Bars

Who can’t wait to enjoy the scenery and play in the beach area? Entering the Alila lobby, you will immediately enjoy the beach breeze and be pampered with a calm sea view. Alila has the best bars in Bali Seminyak for sunset. Premium cocktails accompany your presence in one of Seminyak’s perfect bars. It is imperative to enjoy the sunset at the best bar in Bali Seminyak.

Sugarsand Beachside Bar & Restaurant

Double six beach is no stranger to tourists. The beach area is crowded by tourists who want to enjoy the sunset, bring pets playing on the beach, jogging, or just enjoy snacks around the area. Sugarsand Seminyak bars, in an area with incredible sea views. Stopping by one of the best bars in Bali Seminyak allows you to walk to the deck area and enjoy a higher sunset. For the best experience by the beach, Sugarsand is the best bars in Bali Seminyak that you can consider.

La Brisa Seminyak Bars

Echo beach, one of the famous and favorite beaches in Bali. La Brisa is one of the perfect decoration houses for you to come and enjoy the amazing sunset views. La Brisa has a sea breeze that is very suitable to be named one of the best bars in Bali Seminyak. La Brisa is one of the places not overlooked by tourists or expats in Bali.

Woo Bars in Seminyak Bali

Obviously, you have to add Woo bars in Seminyak Bali as one of the favorite spots for sunset lovers. Woo bar is one of the most popular in Bali. Located in the heart of the Seminyak area, Woo bar is perfect for enjoying cocktails, relaxing, dinner and the main thing is to enjoy the sunshine.

Sea Vu Play, Best Bars In Bali Seminyak

Although the best bars in Bali, this one Seminyak is not directly facing the beach, they offer their own characteristics. Pirate design bars make you feel partying in the midst of pirates. A cozy atmosphere to enjoy a meal menu, brunch or lunch is perfect for you and your family. By late afternoon, you can enjoy the sunset in outdoor space. When the season comes, you can come and enliven the atmosphere with friends or join lovers of sports matches there.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Komodo National Park

Traveling is always about fun. However, you can also get more that that if you can choose the right destination to travel to. One of the best places to visit for your next getaway is Komodo National Park, located at East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

This is one of the most precious gems in the world. This is the only place where you can see Komodo Dragons, the ancient looking creatures with deadly tongue.

Reasons to visit Komodo National Park at East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

When you see this creature, you will remember of giant lizards. Komodo National Park is the only refuge this creature could find. With only this, you have already had reason to go and meet the creatures.

Why visiting Komodo National Park can make a thrilling getaway

You may have experienced any type of vacation such as backpacking to secluded places, hiking challenging mountain, swimming on exotic beach, or having a moment in private villa.

However, you won’t get the same experience of traveling to Komodo National Park as other places in the world. Here are the reasons:

  1. The very first reason is of course to meet the Komodo Dragons, the dangerous and beautiful creatures. This monstrous lizards are lurking around freely in two island, Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Komodo National Park is the only place where you can see the giant creatures. You are not allowed to be too close with the lethal animals. However, your journey will be safe because there are rangers who can make sure your safety around the Komodo Dragons.
  2. Aside from meeting the wild, lethal, and rare creatures, you can also enjoy your time at Pink Beach. This is also rare moment you can get from a vacation because there are only about seven pink beach in the world. During your vacation to Komodo National Park, you can stop by the Pink Beach and enjoy the most beautiful sight of pink sand.
  3. Enjoying sunrise and sunset might not be special things anymore when it comes to vacation. However, Komodo National Park offers you magical sunset and energizing sunrise. You will get to enjoy the sunset when you are on the ship. The sunset view is surrounded by mangroves when bats rising and flying around the sky. The warm glow of the sunrise will energize you to start your day.
  4. Komodo National Park is one of uninhabited places in the world you can enjoy to the max. This is where you can enjoy swimming at Manta Point. This is where you can meet the Mantas. You will wake up in the early morning and jump in the water. You will see beautiful marine life underwater.
  5. Another reason why visiting Komodo National Park will be worth it is the marine life you can explore through diving, snorkeling, and swimming. There are various creatures you can meet such as turtles, dolphins, and thousands of fish. Not to mention that the coral reefs are stunning. There is so much about Komodo National Park you can enjoy to the max because the nature present her best beauty.

Does It Important to Bring A Hammock In A Travel?

When you are traveling, there will be many items you will be bring. The longer you will be staying in the destination, there will be more stuffs you need to bring. Among all that you should take, I’d like to recommend you to think about bringing the hammock in your travel for some reasons.

Hammock itself is mostly used for camping. It is so much related. But even if you aren’t the camping enthusiast at all, you can still experience the benefits it has.

The importances of bringing hammock in a travel

The first one you may get is you will have your own shelter as it is the main function of the hammock. No matter if you have been reserved the hotel room or the ocean view condo before, there may chance that you can swing gently on it at the beach in front of your accommodation.

I have seen an image that there is even a person who are using the hammock in the waiting room of the airport when the flight is canceled or delayed. So, you can also using it to anticipate some things that out of the plan.

Knowing that hammock can be used at the beach and when was waiting for the flight mean that it is possible to be used at many places and conditions. No wonder that many travelers are also recommending this item as one of the item that considerably important to bring in a trip.

Hammock is also popular for its lightweight. Surely it will add an extra weight to your shoulders, but many of the hammocks out there are even not up to a half of kilogram or at least around 500 to 600 grams. If you think that the weight is heavy enough, then you may not bringing many items when traveling.

Another reason why it is important to bring a hammock in your travel is that it will perfectly fits in your suitcase or backpack. It is foldable where you can tidy it up in just seconds and will only needs a little space of the bag. Even if you don’t know how to fold your shirt, you can just randomly put it in your bag as the way you wants it to be and it won’t make your luggage in a mess.

Setting it up is also easy and you don’t need to be a pro traveler for that. It is as simple as tying its mounting points on both side with the ropes or the specific straps and start testing the suspension system by lying on it according to your preferred position.

Besides as an item that can be used in your travel, there shouldn’t be any obstacles too for using a hammock at home. It really has its own flexibility where people can take advantages of using it both outside and inside the resident. Many people have been using it for relaxation in their spare times and even to cure the pains such as backache, insomnia, neck pain relief, headache and many more.

So when you have decided to brings it in your trip, you are actually decided to relax and heal yourself while enjoying the beauty of the destination you are visited. If enjoying the journey is so much important for you while you are able to relax your body and mind, I think that hammock is really worth to get and should be recommended by many of us.

Recommended Places to Visit When Travelling in Flores

If you wish for having exotic getaway, Flores is the perfect destination to go. As expected from Indonesia, there are endless places to go when it comes to traveling. Flores is one of the most distinctive travel destinations in Indonesia. It has unique and untouched vibe to it. Traditional village, lush green hilly landscapes, distinctive cultures, and many more things to find when you decide to travel in Flores. In Portuguese, Flores means flower. Well, everything about Flores is beautiful indeed. Basically, Flores has something for you regardless your interest whether it is romance, adventure, geology, beach, culture, or archeology.

Where to go when travelling in Flores?

To make it easier for you to plan your itinerary for your travel in Flores, here are some recommended places of where to go:

  • Mount Kelimutu – This is one of the most exotic mounts in the worlds. Aside from the beauty of the wildlife in the mountain, you can also pay a visit to the three-colored lake called Kelimutu Lake. This volcanic lake is the icon of Flores. If you as passionate hikers, this mount is for you and the lake is your bonus to take. It consists of three lakes which colors will change ranging from vibrant blue to muddy brown. The color change several times a year.
  • Liang Bua Cave – People also call this place as Hobbit cave. This is where you can take a trip 100,000 years back into the past. This is where the skeletal of humanoids was found in 2003. They were only 106 cm tall and 30-40 kg weigh. If you are interested about the dwarfs, this place is perfect to visit. Learning more about human evolution can be fun by visiting this cave.
  • Manggarai – This is where you can watch unusual ritual called Caci Whip Fight. It is annual ritual held usually in mid-August. This ritual is performed by two men coming from different villages. They dance to gong and drum music while the spectators egging them on. One man is act as the aggressor holding a whip, the other is the defender holding round shield. Even though the dance-fight is symbolic, it sometimes could be bloody. When it happens, it is considered as sacrifice to ancestors and gods.
  • Bena Village – This living museum is a traditional village consist of 45 houses called Bhaga. This is where the centuries-old traditions are well kept. On the roofs, you can see human figurines. There also buffalo skulls hanging as decoration at the doorways. There are carved trunks representing the native’s ancestors. In addition, you will get to enjoy beautiful view of Mount Inerie and the Savu Sea from this village.
  • Blue Stone Beach – This beach has different shades of blue which makes it unusual but still stunning and unique. There are turquoise pebbles at this beach creating astonishing view. The pebbles have different colors ranging from blue, green, to red.  The locals often use the pebbles to make jewelry then sell it to local shop and you can but it as souvenir.

How Much Scuba Diving For Beginners Cost?

Scuba diving is the best way to provide adventure in life. Curiosity is what makes many people want to try diving. Various information on underwater beauty has built up a sense of desire to dive. In fact, many beginner divers then pursue the world of diving to the professional level. Scuba diving for beginners is the only way to reach the dream of seeing a different world.

scuba diving for beginners

Visiting diving destinations, there will be many packages for scuba diving for beginners. Maybe there are some people who pursue diving as a hobby or pleasure. Want to enjoy fun, you must obey the simple rules about scuba diving.

Scuba diving for beginners is not only limited to certain groups. Children, women can also take part in diving activities. As long as potential divers are declared healthy, then they can dive at any time. Therefore, one of the conditions for scuba diving for beginners is to be physically and mentally healthy. Then what is the cost of training for scuba diving for beginners?

Scuba diving For Beginners – Open Water Divers Cost

This is the beginning of scuba diving training for beginners. It takes 4-5 days to complete the initial stage. Training will be provided starting from 3 chapters about dive theory, 3 modules of practice in confined water skills, 2 dives in open water with a maximum depth of 12 meters. At least the age of participants is at least 10 years old, can swim, and be healthy. The cost you have to spend is around $ 300 – $ 400.

Advanced Divers – Scuba diving for beginners

This is an advanced level of scuba diving for beginners. It would be very possible if a beginner continued training to a higher level. If you are not satisfied with the underwater scenery at a depth of 12 meters, then you must take advance divers training. At the advanced divers level, you can dive at a depth of 18-30 meters. If you have a lot of time off do both while holidays.

Open water and advanced divers are two levels of scuba diving for beginners that you need to take to be able to explore the underwater at a depth of 12-30 meters. If diving is your passion, then you can take a higher level of scuba diving training. The costs required for each level will vary. For this reason, it is better if you are looking for information about the cost of diving training, from scuba diving to beginners to professional levels.

Best Glamping Sites in Bali worth Travelling For

Glamping or glamorous camping is when you can experience the closeness to nature under luxurious circumstance. Instead of humble tent, you can have all camping facilities to the next level. Facilities you have for glamping are glamorous just like what you have when you book a room in luxury hotel. Glamping in Bali is good idea because there are sites worth travelling for. Besides, Bali is the island of Gods so it is not a secret that it offers every kind of beauty you can enjoy to the max. Glamping in Bali will give new experience that is hard to forget.

Best Glamping Sites in Bali worth Travelling for

Glamping sites in Bali you should try


Camping is great activity to bond with your family or group of friends. You can do it with your significant others and spark your romance. However, it is also worth it to have glamping at least once in your lifetime because it is different from the usual camping. Glamping is not new and lots of people have tried this and feel the sensation. There are various sites for glamping with unique features and service. However, Bali is also recommended if you want to glamping. Here are recommended sites for you:

  • Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort – This glamping site is nestled in Jatiluwuh, a UNESCO heritage. Located in central Bali, it is not hard to reach this place. Glamping in this site, you have privilege to enjoy 360 degree view of the rainforest. You will sleep in cozy bedroom overlooking directly to the jungle. It is equipped with modern bathroom. There is also fireplace in your tent. You will be served high quality foods. The tent has no door to avoid mosquito entering. Aside from being cozy in the tent, you can also take some fun activities around.
  • Sandat Glamping Tents – This glamping site is situated in the middle of rice fields in Ubud. There are five safari-style tents you can book. Each tent has infinity-edge plunge pool so you can relax while overlooking the rice paddies and forest. The interior design is well crafted by Italian designer to create camping atmosphere with luxurious vibes. Glamping in this site, you will receive various facilities and services such as free Wi Fi, in-room dining, and many more.
  • Escape Nomade – This is where you can enjoy the real wilderness coated with comfortable amenities. In this glamping site, you will enjoy sleeping on luxurious bed and relaxing in a private Jacuzzi. Located in Canggu, Escape Nomade features tents set atop a rooftop overlooking rice paddies.
  • Menjangan Dynasty Resort – This glamping site is surrounded by the lush jungle and mangrove. The location is quite secluded so you won’t be bothered by crowds or bustles. While in the middle of the nature, you will be provided with high standard of tents. Beachfront tents are equipped with everything you need. You can just step out your tent go snorkeling anytime. One of the villas has private plunge pool for you to soak in during lazy days.


Will Komodo Cruise Trip Still Possible Despite of Komodo Closing

Sailing trip with Komodo cruise is currently rising as one of the brightest belle of Indonesian tourism, but now it’s in the brink of a serious challenge. Following the concern of East Nusa Tenggara government of Komodo’s shrinking of size, there has been heating talks about Komodo National Park’ temporary one-year shutdown by 2020. The local government was proposing plans to revitalise the habitat of Komodo dragons, the last and only on earth, to Indonesian’s Ministry of Tourism. They see urgency in restoring the population of deers and other wild animals that the Komodo’s feed on, which apparently showing sign of declining in number in recent past year. Restoration of Komodo’s main source of food is vital as scarcity of prey could trigger Komodo’s cannibalism instinct—and this would directly lead to Komodo’s extinction. The temporary shutdown decision was made jointly by the East Nusa Tenggara government and Ministry of Environment and Forestry—the ministry who hold the authority over all Indonesia’s national park—whom they would share management duties of the upcoming restoration.

But this discourse is not without controversy. The Ministry of Tourism wasn’t particularly delighted by the proposal, calling the entire shutdown plan as a nonsense. Tour operators who run liveaboard and cruise trips voices their disappointment for not being invited for opinions and thought sharing. If Komodo is close for the entire year, what would happened to Komodo cruise trips?

Will Komodo Cruise Trip Still Possible Despite of Komodo Closing?

Komodo Cruise Trop Alternative If Komodo is Closed

Apparently, tour operators and tourists alike can breathe as Komodo cruise trips would be possible to do despite the Komodo shutdown. After hearing controversies, the local government agreed to narrowed down the plan to just close one island; the Komodo island, main home of the dragons.

That means the other 171 islands are still free to venture. You are still able to go around the national park by Komodo cruise (or other boats), embark on wildlife exploration, and generally enjoy the sailing trip. Mind you, the park has a lot to offer beside the famous dragons. You can still taste the total remoteness,

Hiking in Komodo’s Outstanding Trio

Padar Island, Gili Lawa, and Kelor Island are three of travelers most favorite destinations. These islands—particularly Padar—offers the most breathtaking bird view sceneries you can get in Komodo. They are the places where you can get those famous 360º panoramic view featuring curved bays, lines of radiant beaches, and vast blue sea extending to the horizon.

Dive and Snorkel

Despite the Komodo island’s temporary closing plan, any Komodo cruise would still able to take you sailing across the beautiful Flores sea and enjoy the passing sceneries. And the good news is, the ocean is still open for travelers. Snorkelling and diving—another main highlight beside the Komodo—will still be widely available for divers and marine explorers alike.

Wildlife Exploration

Komodo is not the only wild creature in the park. When docking to Komodo island is becoming unaccessible, you can still sail near Kalong islands, home of the giants bats, which offers extravagant shows every evening. A Planet Earth lookalike show featuring red blood sky and thousands giants bats blasting from the island, filling up the sky. 

The temporary closing of Komodo island doesn’t also mean that you have to give up the dream of seeing the last dragon on earth entirely. The East Nusa Tenggara tourism noted that visitors still have a chance to encounter the Komodo dragons in other island within the national park. Rinca, the second largest island in the park after Komodo—and the second natural habitat of the dragons—would not be included on the plans, and would still open its gate to visitors.

What to Do When Travelling in Ubud Bali

When it comes, to Bali, you will never run out of ideas of where to go or what to do. There are many things to discover and explore during your vacation in Bali. One of the most recommended places to stay is Ubud.

This is one of the most popular areas in Bali amongst international and domestic tourists. Thus, there are various attractions here especially regarding to the arts and distinctive culture.

This is where you can find ancient temple, artisan galleries, as well as raw beauty of the rice terrace. Everything you need of perfect gems as well as best accommodation for holiday, Bali can provide them for you. Thus, you will be able to make the most of your time in the Island of Gods.

Things to do when travelling in Ubud Bali

If you are planning to choose Ubud as the place of where you stay during your holiday in Bali, might as well start searching the best accommodation.

There are various accommodations to help you stay comfortably in Ubud started from hotel, guest house, to private villas. If you travelling solo, you may choose simple accommodation like guest house or hostel.

However, it is recommended to choose hotel or even villa if you bring a group of people with you. Here are recommended interest in Ubud:

Ubud Monkey Forest

Of course, this is the main attraction in Ubud and an icon of Bali as well. This is a place of scientific research.

Visiting Ubud Monkey Forest

You can venture around the street to see more about mesmerising forest and its host. You will be able to meet hundreds of monkeys roaming around the street with ease. However, make sure to not bring any plastic bags and secure your belongings in your bag unless you want the monkeys to snatch things from you.

They are quite sneaky so you’d better try not to act friendly with them.

Ubud Art Market

This is a perfect place for art enthusiast. Here you will find hand-crafted goods in various shape, size, and price such as woven bags, kites, statues, etc. The location of this market is at the center point of art producing villages such as Tegallalang, Pangosekan, Payangan and Peliatan.

It is situated just right at the opposite of the Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace.

Pura Taman Saraswati Temple

This is a water temple located in central Ubud. It is highly recommend to stop by the place during your leisure walks around Ubud, especially at Jalan Kajeng.

This temple has Balinese architecture featuring ponds filled with pretty lotuses. You can continue you walk to Café Lotus located near the temple where you can enjoy your coffee while enjoying traditional dance performance held in the evening.

Bali Bird & Reptile Park

This is a great place to bring your whole family. This tropical stands on a two hectares ground where there are compilations of birds. This attractive park is educative especially for your kids. They can learn more about birds while having fun with the flying creatures.

Getting Your Body and Mind Relaxed At Seminyak Villas

Holidays can mean anything for each of us. Some people are needs it to get a bit away from the stressful works back at the office, some are doing it for their families, the others are getting it to explore the new destinations and many more reasons. Bali as one of the top world’s destination can be your next stop. And while you are planning about that, take your note and writes it down that the Seminyak villas are will be your accommodation choice when you will be arrive in Bali.

There are many things to make your holidays meaningful and memorable. You can takes someone with you and heading to Bali, you can pay for the special tour package you’ve never experienced before, and you can also change to the different accommodation just like staying in a Seminyak inside the rented villas rather than sleep at the hotel room as what you may actually be done before.

Relaxing your body and mind by choosing Seminyak villas in Bali as your accommodation.

If you are spending the holidays differently, you may will also get the different stories in your trip. You can started from the stay and its location you will choose, the destination you are going to in your plan, whose gonna accompany you while in Bali and many more different things you can do.

You can relax your body and mind by staying at Seminyak villas in Bali

In purpose for your relaxation to get all the advantages of a traveling in Bali, renting the villa at Seminyak village can be the main thing you can do.

The calming and silent nuances are usually what you will get when you are staying in a villa. You don’t have to get intimidated by the Seminyak location itself as the one of the top destination for many travellers, you still can really experience the tranquility living as long as the accommodation you are looking for is hidden back of the main road of the area.

Villa won’t be really the villa when it failed to serve you the silent stay. So that, get rid off your accommodation villas that are located right besides of the main street at Seminyak. Sorry to say that, but I won’t really let you stay at a place with some pollutants almost every single hours or even minutes. That not considered as a villa at all.

You can see these Seminyak villas offers that are perfect as what I have just recommended on above plus the other advantages that hopefully won’t let you be in a sorry if you get them.

Everything has been well prepared to serve all the kind of guests along with the relaxation purpose to sleep or rest in a peacefully area.

All of the villas are completed with the present of the private pool that you can use to playing on the water or simply resting side of it while sunbathing without being disturbed by the public. It will really your private space where you can do almost anything you needs to do, so keep calm and feels the moment.

If you won’t stay at the Seminyak and renting the villas that have been provided because you think that heading to the hotel is usually more than enough, than you have decided to miss all the excitements and the luxury of the relaxation for your body and mind. It is totally different comparing the villas with the hotel rooms and somewhat feels incomparable.

Don’t let your traveling in Bali wasted by choosing the wrong or even the same accommodation as before. Getting different by what you have been done before is really recommended to do, including about to get the different type of accommodation. Change the hotel rooms with the villas and make sure that you are at Seminyak to experience a variety of atmospheres that are different with the other spots.

Things to Consider Before Visiting the Hidden Gem of Bhutan

Now while the sheer idea of the novelty of Bhutan may entice abundance of tourists some things may make you reconsider.

Things to consider before visiting Bhutan

For example, going around with a tour guide is not everyone’s idea of traveling. If you’re not keen on this particular idea, then this may make you reconsider visiting Bhutan. Let’s take a look at some of the basic things before you decide to visit the hidden gem.

You will always be accompanied by a local guide

Tour guides may be the thing of the past. Even more so travel guides, as modern tourism and information technology rendered the traditional travel-guiding basically out of demands. At least that is the case in so many Asian countries.

But in Bhutan, you cannot get around without an authorised local tour guide accompanying you.

The obligatory tour guides may not be so bad after all?

The kingdom is a largely uncharted territory from the outside world. The arrival of the internet and televisions is not until 1999, that is well behind from… basically the rest of the world. So does cell phones and you can imagine so many other technology.

With the place being basically unknown from the rest of the world, Bhutan can be a challenge to navigate. Could it be that we outsiders, do need a tour guide, after all? And not just to explain us history, culture, and Bhutanese trivia; but to help us navigate the place.

Fixed itineraries! Love it or hate it, it’s in place.

This is one of the things that may deter people from going to Bhutan. Fixed itineraries decided by other people. Ouch. Who wants that. If you’re not fond of this idea, this may be a deal breaker for you.

But before deciding that having fixed itineraries for you is a bad thing, it’s important to remember that Bhutanese majority is practicing Buddhism. There are numerous places that are religious sites.

These religious practices may be disrupted by outsiders who are not familiar with its customs. There are customs that you are most likely not familiar with. And having a local always with you is a good thing.

Bhutan is not the place for budget travel

Too bad for us cheapos. The fixed price tag for entering Bhutan is used to deter low-cost tourism as well as to limit the number of tourists coming. And that makes Bhutan quite pricey. How much does the visa for Bhutan cost? Almost 2,000 USD for 5-6 nights per person.

Or more precisely, $200 to $250 per night, per person. That’s quite insane. But hold on. This “visa” is apparently all-inclusive. Paying that amount, you get so many things.

The high tourist fee in Bhutan is a good thing for the nation

The high amount of money people have to spend in Bhutan will deter mass tourism; something that is known to eventually bring harm to the land. And the harm that is known to be done by mass tourism is both environmental and cultural.

From the high amount of deposit you’re paying, you’re going to get: a minimum accommodation 3-star hotel, meals from breakfast until dinner, all of the transport excluding internal plane transport, taxes and other charges, an authorised local tour guide for the length of your stay, and even camping equipment!

Through that fee, you also get to pay a fee to help the development of Bhutan, the country that gives free access to education and rudimentary health care.